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me Quartz With 100K IPL Pulses

There is no doubt that doing IPL treatments at home is much cheaper than doing it at a beauty salon. But most people do not know that some of the beauty salons use the same technology as a home hair removal unit… The ELOS technology.

ELOS technology is the latest technology in hair removal and skin treatments. Invented a few years ago as an upgraded technology which overcomes most pitfalls of conventional IPL hair removal. In a nutshell ELOS means that two technologies are involved in disabling the growth of the hair.

Light – A quick flash from an intense light lamp (similar to IPL) .

RF – Radio Frequency, a short electro signal transmitted through the skin which warms the hair which was already pre-heated by the light flash.

Together the light and RF completes each other in Synergy creating a higher level of energy which makes this unit more effective than regular IPL machines.

Replaceable Lamps For IPL Hair Removal Systems

In order for the IPL (or laser) treatment to be effective, about 6 treatments are needed. The six treatments are needed to be done a few weeks apart so body hairs are treated through their whole growth cycle. Only when the hair is still connected to the root, the light based treatment is effective.

Regular IPL systems require the customer to buy extra lamps in order to complete a full body treatment plan. A full body means two legs, two arms, two armpits and bikini line.

Covering all these areas takes about 1000 flashes.

Conventional IPL systems like the Remington IPL 6000 USA or the Silk’n Flash & Go or Silk’n SensEpil all have a replaceable cartridge technology. Each of these systems is sold with one lamp attached which will be good for 750-1500 flashes. To complete the treatment plan 2-3 more need to be purchased.

Compared to a beauty salon buying a 35$ replacement cartridge which can last 1000 flashes is a huge bargain. The same treatment at a clinic will cost up to 1000$.

Second Generation ELOS Quartz For Home Use

Me my ELOS Quartz Edition 100000 flashesWhen the first Me my ELOS systems where delivered to the markets they already had an outstanding advantage. They had an IPL cartridge of 5400 flashes(!), enough for a full body coverage X6. ELOS cartridges have IPL lamp and two bi-polar transmitters where the RF is sent through the skin.

The latest breakthrough in the home hair removal units, is an IPL lamp which can produce up to 100,000 flashes. The brand new Me my ELOS Quartz edition is a game changer.

With 100K flashes, a customer can knows he or she can treat their body for as much as needed without the unit getting ‘low’ for years. Most IPL kits or even the TRIA laser had a limited amount of flashes, which made the machine useless at a very early stage.

Dealing With Hair Regrowth

Quartz Me my ELOS Hair RemovalRemoving the body hair is a un natural process. The body wants to grow hairs, and for some people the hair cells will just keep growing hairs again and again, even after the root cells have been treated by laser or IPL.

Follow the ads of most laser hair removal clinics, the promise endless follow ups at no extra charge, because they KNOW the hair CAN grow back at some stage. When buying a cheap system (Remington = $229 or TRIA = $449) at some point, hairs may grow back and the machine will be emptied. Investing in a ELOS Quartz device may be the most cost effective decision.

Quartz ELOS system have 100,000 flashes, which means you will not have to buy new lamps every year. The ELOS have other vast benefits like a super fast treatment compared to all the rest, a safer treatment for darker skin types, less painful and optional attachments which make the home sessions a true breeze compared to regular IPL.

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