Hair Removal Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Make This Valentine’s Day Special For Him

Valentine's day gift hair removalChocolates are boring. You can buy chocolates as a gift to your boss or to your teacher, but not to the one you really love. There are several unique ways to make Valentine’s day special, and that is to make your partner feel special, to show him you have made an effort.

Your Body Is Your Valentine’s Day Gift

After some wine and a nice Valentine’s evening dinner, when the lights are low, and the candles are lit, it is time to unpack the gifts.. Think of your man waiting while you go to the other room to bring him ‘his present’. You walk in to the room with a loose silk robe slightly open, and your smooth body shows between the folds.

Up to here, your man would be already excited, but the big surprise for him is yet to be exposed. If you are quick, you can prepare a nice pubic hair style for him! It can be a sexy red heart (men love it!), a small arrow pointing downward.. or a clean clear bare Brazilian pubic style.

Special Body Shaving For Valentine’s Night

There is no need to do a permanent laser treatment, you probably don’t want to have a smooth pubic forever. Waxing is far to painful. Shaving is fast, it can be done with no mess and also be creative.

Shaving Pubic Valentines Day GiftThere are special pubic shavers which are very delicate. It is important to use these special shavers for private parts because regular shavers pull the hairs and cause nicks and cuts. You do not want any red skin and bumps when you prepare a Valentine’s night to your boyfriend or hubby.

There is a special VIP Shaving kit at Amazon, which includes all the things you need for a steaming hot Valentine’s Night..

Inside the box you will find: 3 personal shavers (Body bare, Feminine and Intimate) Delicate shavers for the most delicate skin.. All the maintenance accessories and the cherry of the packages is a Heart shape stencil for a perfect personal gift.

Unique Lovers Gift

Giving your love partner a mind blowing pubic to think about is the best way to surprise him at Valentine’s day. Shaving in not permanent hair removal, so the hair will eventually grow back. this makes the gift a one time art work for him to admire.

Remember men a visual addicts, they get turned on by things the see. A shaped pubic or an arrow will make them very grateful for a few days. If you like the results, use the trimmers to maintain a shape some more, until you dress up your pubic in a different hair style.

Here is the VIP Shaving Kit, have fun creating your personal private gift ;-).