Full Brazilian Hair Removal – Check All The Solutions

Full Brazilian – Removing Hair Down There

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Full Brazilian Hair Removal Methods At HomeDuring the last few years removing all pubic hair ‘Full Brazilian’ style became very popular. Young women are getting a all their pubic hair removed, leaving the skin smooth all the way from the lower abdominal until the vagina. Here we will share with you all the methods you can do at home to create a full Brazilian bikini line.

Permanent Full Brazilian

The only true permanent way to remove all the pubic hair and also hair around the vagina, is to do electrolysis treatments. These can be done at a electrolysis specialists office, or at home using an electrolysis home kit. Electrolysis is a thin needle which sends a slight electric shock to the hair bulb and disables it from any further growth. Doing electrolysis at a beauty salon may not be too expensive, because the area is small and one or two sessions would be enough.

Expensive Full Brazilian Hair Removal

You can choose to reduce hair growth (permanent reduction) with laser hair removal. This can be done at home with a home hair removal device. The procedure is safe and not painful, and can done in the privacy of your home. The expensive systems cost $395 (TRIA Laser) but the cheap ones cost $249 (Remington IPL or Silk’n Flash & Go). Both systems have a small tip and 5 laser/IPL energy levels. If you feel uncomfortable some numbing gel can be used before treating the pubic with the TRIA laser.

It is not recommended to buy a home hair removal system, just for this cause, but if you plan to remove hair from the underarms and legs too, than a home hair removal kit can be the best value for money compared to all the other solutions. The results are long lasting (some maintenance might be needed during the year) and the price is with the smooth outcome.

The Painful Brazilian Pubic Style Solution

There is no doubt waxing the pubic is a short visit to hell. The results might be very satisfying within a few days, when the redness and sensitivity gets back to normal. But the results are not permanent, and hair will eventually grow again. The main advantage is that waxing keeps the pubic hairless longer than shaving. You must use special waxing kits for Full Brazilian hair removal, these kits are dedicated for pubic line.

Painless Full Brazilian Hair Removal

Shaving the pubic for Full Brazilian is the pain free way most people do. There can be two shaving options, using a blade razor, or an electric shaver. There are pros and cons for each shaving solution. A blade razor is cheap, fast and can be done in the shower. It can cause ingrow hairs and skin irritations.

The other option is to use a pubic shaver.

Any electric shaver can be suitable for pubic hair shaving. There are though electric shavers for the private parts like the Clean-Cut shaver. One tip worth to know, is that the smoothest shaving require a shaving oil. For silk smooth bare pubic using a shaving oil is a treat.

Use Hair Removal Cream – For Brazilian Pubic

Hair removal creams are another way to remove hair from ‘down there’. Somehow most people overlook this option though it is painless and effective for most people. The hair removal cream dissolves the hair, so after 5 minutes women can wipe off the cream leaving the skin free of hair.

Since these chemicals used are severe, you must use bikini hair hair removal creams only, do not use leg creams. Expect a smelly odor, and a slight itchy sensation at the skin. Follow the safety instruction exactly as they appear inside the user guide.



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