Considering Laser Hair Removal At Home? NOW Is The Safest Time

Safest Period To Do Laser Hair Removal At Home

When To Do Laser Hair Removal At HomeMost people begin to think about laser hair removal when first summer rays show between the clouds. Thinking of bikini styles, mini dress, and stylish fashion, requires smooth legs and hairless armpits. But doing laser hair removal during summer, is quite unsafe.

The best time for your body to undergo a laser hair removal treatment plan, is during the winter month. Since any laser hair removal at home will require 4-6 treatments, each a few weeks apart, beginning your laser hair removal NOW (October-December) is the best time.

Laser Hair Removal During Winter

Choosing winter season for laser hair removal treatments at home, is safer for the skin and may even improve the efficiency of the treatments.

Avoiding Sun Risks Between The Treatments

Most people who purchase a home laser hair removal kit, or IPL hair removal device, may not notice the safety warning most companies have in their user manual leaflet. One of the safety precautions needed during laser hair removal treatments is not exposing the skin to the sun.

There are two UV sun rays you may want to avoid after light based hair removal treatments – UVA and UVB. The UVA rays are ‘sun light’ which there is no real chance to avoid.

UVB rays are the short but harmful UV rays. At the summer the earth is leaning toward the sun, and the short UV rays are at their maximum level. During May-August, they have the highest cancerous risk factor.

As the earth rotates away from the sun, and winter month arrive (for northern hemisphere) the UVB rays nearly diminish.

Winter months are the safest season for your home laser treatments. The skin which will absorb extra doses of light from the home based device, will not have to be vulnerable to the cancerous UVB rays.

Treating Untanned Skin Is More Effective

The second reason why doing laser hair removal during winter is recommended, is due to the fact that during winter our skin gets pale. The amount of melanin in the skin cells reduces during winter season. When treating with laser or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) more light will get absorbed by the hair and not by the skin.

This can increase the effectiveness of the treatments. More light energy will reach the hair bulb and heat it, less light energy will heat the skin tissue. In fact during the winter laser zapping may be slightly less painful, if the skin is pale.

Which System Is Best For You NOW

There are plenty of systems which will help you remove hair at home. But most people usually purchase from a very short list of devices, which have all prove to be effective. Here is a short list of devices, and some explanations on each item.

Tria Laser For Home UseTRIA Laser – The first ever home device, it is the only system which uses LASER, all the rest use IPL technology. It is FDA approved, used by thousands of customers to remove hair at home. TRIA is cordless and has 5 energy settings.

Its main cons is that treating with it is rather slow, because the laser spot is 1 cm², and being cordless means charging breaks intervals needed. TRIA you can find it HERE.

Silkn Flash &Go Hair Removal DeviceSilk’n Flash & Go – This is the new Silk’n system. It uses the IPL technology, which is similar to laser, but ‘softer’ and less painful. Flash & Go have a wider spot size, and faster light repetitions, so treatments are faster than the TRIA.

The main con is that the IPL cartridge lasts for 2000 flashes so you need 2 -3 to complete a full body hair removal plan. The price is not expensive but some people do not purchase enough lamps. Flash & Go cost about $300 and you can find it HERE.

Remington IPL – A new brand in the IPL hair removal kits, which has already taken the lead in sales!! Remington I -Light Pro IPL is a cheaper version of the Flash & Go with similar specs. You can get a Remington IPL device for home use for as little as $250 – Click HERE.


me my ELOS ultra pro hair removal systemMe my ELOS – The Rolls Royce of the home hair removal kits. The ‘Me’ is the only home device which uses the ELOS technology. This technology is used at doctor’s clinics and beauty salons with machines that cost $100,000.

The ‘Me’ is safer for dark skin and black skin (Indian, African, Native American, Latin). The ‘Me’ my ELOS is less painful, and preforms the treatment faster than any other system (by far). With several attachments including a facial hair removal kit, the Me is far superior than any other home device. You can get the “Me My ELOS’ – HERE.


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