Laser Hair Removal During Winter

Removing Hair At Home During Winter

Laser hair removal during winterThere is a fact most people may not be aware of.. The best time to remove hair at home with laser is during winter season! The hair removal process is less painful during the winter, and is even safer with less risks of side effects!

So if you were thinking when is the best time to remove body hair at home.. well the best time is.. NOW. The winter season is the time to begin the hair removal sessions. These sessions will require up to 2 month of follow up treatments for best results.

So if you wish to show off your smooth body the upcoming summer, now is the time to zap the hairs away!

Why Do Winter Laser Hair Removal?

During the winter, our skin gets naturally pale. The decrease in skin melanin means the hair/skin contrast will be as perfect as you might get. Pale skin means each laser zap will  be more effective!

Pale skin means each laser pulse of light will be less painful. More energy will be sent to the hair and not be absorbed by the skin. When the skin gets less light energy, it hurts less!

During winter there is less direct sun light and less UVB sun rays. These rays can cause laser hair removal side effects during summer. the melanin production may be too stressed by the laser hair removal, and at summer treatments is may be dangerous to be outside and expose the skin to the sun light. It is THIS sun light which can cause unwanted side effects.

What Are You Waiting For?

rp_Tria-Hair-Removal-Laser-4X-Fuchsia-235x3001.jpgDo not wait till the spring or (god forgive!) the summer in order to begin your own private laser hair removal at home. Go get your home laser hair removal, and begin the process ASAP.

You can get the TRIA laser 4X premium system  (see image on right) with is the leading of all home lasers, you can see the hundreds of  reviews over at Amazon. The TRIA is FDA approved and is a convenient cordless device.

A cheaper solution will be the Remington IPL machine (see image below), which costs less and does the same treatments faster than the laser. The IPL flash of light carries less energy than the laser, but for a personal home treatment it would be more than sufficient.winter hair removal

Be smooth & be smart, do it during winter.