Why Laser Hair Removal Doesn’t Always Succeed

Laser Hair Removal Is Not Always Successful

Ginger redhead hair removalMany people expect their laser hair removal to be fast and successful as they read in the system’s brochure. But for some the results will not be as expected. There is no way to know in advance who will see his or her fall off and not grow back, and who will need constant maintenance to keep the body hair free.

Why Results Are Different Between People

The results are different because people are different. The natural hair growth of people differs between global origins. For example people who origins are by the Mediterranean sea have more hair growth than people from east Asia.

Hair Growth By Global Origin

Here are some factors for Androgenic hair growth which can have effect on the expected results of the treatment.

  • Hair color – If the hair has less pigment, then the light energy flashed at the hair is less effective. People with dark hair will have better results.
  • Skin color – If the skin is fair/pale then the contrast with the hair is better, and the laser light may be more effective. If the skin is dark some of the light will be absorbed by the skin and not by the hair and the treatment will be less effective.
  • Growth cycle – There are three growth stages for hair. The laser is effective only at the active growth stage called anagen phase, when the hair is still connected to the root. At the telogen phase the hair is still in the shaft but is no longer connected to the root, and zapping them will do nothing o the root. For those with longer telogen stage, more hair growth will continue.
  • Skin thickness – Some people have thicker skin layers, for them the root is deeper in the epidermis than others. They may notice less results then others.
  • Hair growth hormones – Terminal hairs grow differently due to different levels of testosterone in the body.
  • Treatment – Before each treatment hair should be shaved or plucked, other wise the light will zap the hair outside the skin and not the hair inside the skin. Failing to shave may result in poor results.
  • Hair type – Vellus hair is more delicate and is easy to be zapped away. Terminal hair is more stiff, coarse and has stronger roots. Those with coarse hair over more parts of their body will need more sessions to disable the hair growth.

For best results the user needs to follow the recommended treatment cycle, keeping treatments two to three week apart. 4-8 treatments are usually necessary to see best results.

Hair Growth Vellus and Terminal

Some people do 1-2 treatments and comment on a device that it is not working.. They then quit and miss the anagen growth cycle needed for  effective treatments.

Some people skin and hair contrast combination is not ideal, and they will need more treatments than others. People with darker skin or blond hair will need more sessions.

For this the recommended home hair removal system is the Me my ELOS Pro Ultra.  It’s the only home hair removal system approved by FDA for all skin colors and all hair colors.


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With 120,000 IPL flashes installed in it’s lamp, the user can be sure to have enough IPL power for a few years.

Other home system are not approved for dark skin or light hair. Most of them have 750-2000 flashes per lamp, so extra lamps are needed for continuous sessions.


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Most of those who use home hair removal systems, see some results within 2-3 treatments. Some see most of the hair disappear, other notice the hair grow thinner and lighter.

One most remember that people are different and if one person saw great results within 4 sessions, another may see mild results only after 6 sessions.