Shaving Your Balls In 3 Easy Steps

Shaving Brass Balls In Three Steps

Shaving Hair From The Balls 2Brass balls are fun and sexy! Girls prefer playing with smooth balls than to handle hairy grumpy balls. It began in the porn industry but soon it became a common way for men grooming. But getting brass balls is not an easy task. In fact getting any razor down to the crown jewels is scary.

In this article you will learn how you can shave your balls in three easy steps, and what you MUST have in order for the procedure to run smooth. Getting scrotum hair removal was never an easy thing for guys. The area is super sensitive, there is limited visibility, the skin is soft and wrinkled and no one would give another person to do it.

How NOT To Remove Hair From Your Balls

Waxing is out of the question, the skin on testicles is not meant to be waxed! Chemical lotions are also off limit, rubbing chemical stuff on your balls is smelly and unpleasant and having such ingredients so close to your sperm sack is unthinkable. Many guys say it burn like hell!

Using laser or IPL at home can be an option, withing 4-6 sessions your hairs will quit growing and skin will be smooth. The main drawback is the financial investment, a home laser or IPL unit costs between $250-$550.

Here we will show how the pros do it.

How To Do It – Balls Shaving Like a Pro

First you will need:

  • Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro or a similar top notch personal shaver.
  • Bella Powder or balls soothing cream.

There are cheap trimmers everywhere, but trust me, when shaving down there, the cheap stuff may turn to be a lousy choice… Don’t go cheap on your balls, get the premium items for your precious set.

Step 1 – Preparations

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro is a wet and dry cordless shaver, so it can be used in the shower! If you chose to shave dry, set a towel on the bathroom floor.

If it is your first time, you may want to trim your pubic hair and scrotum. These hairs tend to be longer than you think. Trim them before you shave the area.

If it’s your weekly shave use alcohol on a cotton bud to disinfect theĀ Philips Norelco blades.

Prepare the area for shaving. Soak the area in the shower. Use cold water. Warm water make the skin soft, cold water cause everything to shrink, and the skin will be more firm.

Step 2 – The Shave

Norelco Shaver For The Balls
Norelco Shaver For The Balls Click Image

The most important advise is that the skin should be tight! Loose skin is a disaster and a respite for nicks and cuts.

If you are shaving your pubic, hold your precious love stick to one side and stretch the skin. Shave on the opposite side. Then switch sides, pull your penis to the other side and shave the skin on the opposite direction.

Pull your balls sack back, and with gentle strokes shave the skin close to the shaft.

Keep the gentle pull to other directions and shave the skin as long as it is tight and pulled back. Pull the sack forward and do the back side near your crack.

Do it gently, unlike facial shaving use short strokes and not long moves. Use two hands, one pulling the skin and the other shaving with the shaver.

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro has two sides of rounded blades and combs to prevent scratches.

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The skin should be smooth and hairless.


Step 3 – After Care

Shaving Hair From The Balls
Shaving Powder For The Balls Click Image

Use a dry cloth to absorb the dampness in the area, do not rub, just place it over and let the skin relax. Unless you want your balls to be clammy or feel itchy, use a Bella Powder talc which will sooth everything. Why we recommend on Bella Powder ? because it has proven to be one of the best talcum for balls shaving.

The original formula, high quality talcum keeps “your boys” dry and smelling great while preventing the dreaded “bat wings” sweat stain as well.”

Sprinkle some Bella Powder to your palm and gently pat it on the balls, cover the shaved area only after it as dried with a towel prior to the talc.

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Some More Balls Shaving Tips

Tend Skin Balls After Shaving TreatmentDo not shave every day, it will irritate the skin and will make you miserable. Shave your balls every week, it takes 10 minutes once you get the grasp of it.

With a professional shaving system, you are safe from nicks and surprises. Shaving the skin wipes some skin tissue every time. Adding a simple step of antiseptic will prevent irritation to those open pores. Antiseptics are a post-shave products, if you get any irritation, bumps, or ingrown hair, for example the Tend Skin Care Solution.

Now For Your Smile – See This Commercial

Shaving in the shower is easier and fun. No hassle about it.Give your self 10 minutes of pleasant pleasure shaving the balls with an electric wet and dry shaver.

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