Transgender Choosing Me my ELOS For Hair Removal

Transgender Using Me my ELOS Hair Removal

Me my ELOS TransgenderIf there is one group who needs to be hair free all year round, it is transgenders. Transgender women must be hair free, removing hair growth especially from facial areas, arms, chest and back. Unlike other women, transgender (MTF) women have a stronger hair growth which is similar to those men have. For this reason their need for long term hair removal is more than necessary.

Creams, waxing and shaving soon get out of the picture as they are all short term solutions and over a year time turn to be a hassle and mess not cost effective at all.

There are plenty of forums an FB groups for transgender to read and learn about the sex reassignment surgery (SRS). In this article we will focus on the hair removal systems which could be used to maintain a permanent hair free body for a long period of time.

Transgender Electrolysis Hair Removal

The best solution which is the only true solution is to do electrolysis. This method is done by a practitioner which inserts a thin needle to each and every hair canal and send a short electric zap to destroy the hair root.

The main pro of this method is that it is permanent, in most cases a hair root which is zapped will not grow back. The main downside is that its very sow and very expensive and time consuming. For this reason it is recommended for the smaller areas with hair like face and under arms.

For the larger body areas electrolysis is not a real solution you have to be well off to manage a whole body electrolysis hair removal. There are other solutions TG prefer to maintain a hair free body, which cost less and are in some just as effective.

Laser Hair Removal For Transgender

It is just natural that the Transgender community will be a loyal customer for the laser hair removal systems. These are affordable and when done correctly can produce a long lasting results with minimum of time and hassle.

There are three technologies available for the light energy devices:

  • Laser hair removal
  • IPL hair removal
  • ELOS hair removal

They all work on the same technological principles but they have their pros and cons most people seem to get confused with. We will sort them out for you.

In laser, IPL and ELOS the system sends an intense light flash to the skin, the light energy turns in to heat energy when it meets any dark matter. So when light is projected at the dark hair, the dark hair gets evaporated by the intense heat created, and the hair burns (zapped).

Since hair grow in cycles and the light energy is effective only when the hair connected to the root at the Anagen stage (growing stage), multiple treatments are needed to raise the chances the hair is connected to the root when zapped.

Using Laser For Hair Removal

The only laser device for home use, which one can buy at Amazon or other online stores is the TRIA laser system. As the first laser for home use, it has plenty of fans and satisfied customers. Laser is using the most intense energy level, which turns into heat. This also means it is the most painful of the three technologies. Most people buy anesthetics with their TRIA laser device..

Note that because of the high energy emitted, TRIA is not allowed for people with dark/tanned skin complexion. For them it can cause skin burns. On top of this TRIA is not allowed for the facial use, which is very important for transgenders who need to eliminate masculine facial hair growth.

In order to get the FDA approval for home laser kits, they have safety sensors which slow down the whole process. If you do not have patience for hours of repeated treatments, check IPL or ELOS which are much more user friendly.

 IPL Hair Removal Solutions

IPL technology is the most common way people remove hair today at home. The IPL means Intense Pulsed Light, which means it’s like laser but has less cons. The energy used is less than in laser, this means it’s less painful. Most people can use the highest level of IPL without anesthetics. Laser fans will say it is less effective, but both technologies show research and effective results in test groups.

For transgenders IPL treatments, will be more quick than with laser. The treatment window is 6 times larger, and this means faster sessions. Remember there need to be 6-8 treatments spread a few weeks apart.

IPL systems have a lamp which holds 1500-2000 flashes. These should be enough for 2-3 full body treatments, depending on hair growth, skin color, hair color, hair thickness and hormonal hair growth. When lamps energy fades, new cartridges can be bought at Amazon for a low cost.

Safety note – Not all users are safe candidates for IPL, like laser it can treat safely pale to tan skin, (1 – 4 on the Fitzpatrick scale) but not brown or olive or black skin complexions. Some IPL are not allowed by FDA for facial treatments.

ELOS Technology For Hair Removal

Transgender Me my ELOS Hair Removal
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The newest technology available for home hair removal is the Electro Optical Synergy also known as ELOS. It is an improved type of IPL. Using light energy (IPL) with Radio Frequency waves. Together when combined the ELOS creates more energy with LESS risk to the skin. Less painful.

This is the reason why the ELOS is the only home hair removal device approved by FDA to treat ALL skin types, yes including black skin. It’s a revolutionary breakthrough for millions of people with dark skin who could not do home hair removal treatments.

The ELOS has some more features which makes it the top selected home system for transgenders. It has a massive IPL lamp with 120,000 flashes. Which is a big advantage for those who may need future maintenance. 120,000 flashes mean it can be used for years upon years and not worrying about the Quartz lamp energy running out.

The Me my ELOS has a special facial attachment which makes the treatment more precise and safe,and has eye safety goggles to complete the set. So a person can treat it’s chin and cheeks as much as needed to eliminate hair growth.


Get Yourself Smooth With Me my ELOS ‘Pro Ultra’ System

Funny Transgender Unboxing Review On The Me my ELOS

Me my ELOS – It Does Work

Though each skin reacts slightly different to light energy hair removal, Or another example Krissy Hudgens added 7 videos to Youtube following her Me my ELOS treatments. Check below Krissy’s latest response on July 2014 to a viewer comment: “It DOES WORK!!!”. Me my ELOS Review print screen

So if you have dark skin or thick hair, the ME has 5 energy levels and three possible attachments (facial, shaver, epilator) to help you manage the hair loss process.

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It is important to follow the treatment schedule, so all hair growth cycles get treated. For some it will mean 4 treatments to see dramatic results other will need 12 to see similar results. Some have such a stubborn hair growth or hormonal disorder that constant maintenance is required every few month.

Transgenders (Men To Woman) need a reliable home hair removal system to use. The main benefit is that it allows them as many treatment, all over the body, including facial hair removal at a much lower cost.

Even the elite Me my ELOS device still costs a faction of the expensive treatments at a beauty clinic salon.

UK and European Customers…

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