The New Me my ELOS ‘Touch’ Combo Offer Reviewed

The Me my ELOS Combo Deal Reviewed

Me my ELOS 150,000 flahsesIt is no secret that the Me my ELOS is probably the best home hair removal system you can buy online. In this post we will not review it’s benefits and upgraded features compared to other home hair removal system. But since there is competition, customers just enjoy better deals and extended combo offers.

In this review you can read all about the new Me my ELOS Touch combo offer, which includes all the Me accessories combined.

  • New Me my ELOS System
  • 150,000 Flashes Lamp
  • Me Shaver
  • Me Epilator
  • Facial precision adapter

All these sold together at Amazon for $660. Is it worth the deal, are the attachments useful, how much are you saving with this deal. All these answered below.

There are several ELOS devices under the Me my ELOS brand name. They are all similar to one another, except for some minor differences. The technology is the same and so are the advantages.

Me my ELOS Touch = Pro Ultra

Me my ELOS TouchThe newest design and system released is the Pro Ultra, which was also released as Touch. These are the SAME machines under two different marketing channels. The NEW Pro Ultra / Touch has the new quartz IPL lamp which holds 150,000 flashes! This is a breakthrough compared to all other home systems, which have 1500-2000 flashes per lamp. The former model had 120,000 flashes and can still be found at Amazon for a lower price.

The great change in mind set of the ELOS is making the home hair removal a breeze. Until the arrival of the ELOS, hair removal at home was a pain in the neck. Only if you were the right candidate, and if you use IPL or laser you had to shave a day before, and you had to make room for a 1-2 hour treatment.

Then came ELOS, and changed everything.

Latin Woman Hair RemovalIt is safe for ALL skin colors including black skin and for African American, Hispanic, Latin and Indian tones. It is safe for ALL hair colors including grey and blond. So it is safe for everyone.

Then came the Me shaving attachment, which turns the ELOS into a electric shaver. This saves time and hassle getting ready for your ELOS treatment. There was also the electric epilator, which could be attached too and remove hairs by plucking.

>>The Me my ELOS + Shave + Epilator + Facial Adapter

So for the first time, a woman (or man) could have a home hair removal system, a shaver and epilator all in the same kit.

The shaver is sold at Amazon for $65 and the epilator has the same price $65, so both are worth $130.

The Me my ELOS Facial Precision Adapter

The Me my ELOS facial precision adapter turns the 6 cm² ELOS lamp window into a narrow window, which makes it safer to use on the upper lip and sideburns. The former ELOS systems the facial kit was sold separately for $69.

The NEW ELOS Combo Deal Worth

  • Me ELOS Touch (Pro Ultra) + 120,000 Flashes = $565
  • The ELOS attachments (Shaver + Epilator + Facial adaptor) = $199

Together the bundle is worth $764, you can get it for $660, which means YOU SAVE $104 (and you get 30,000 more flashes).

Full body treatment requires between 750-1000 flashes. For completing a full treatment cycle 4-6 treatments are needed. One will need 5000 flashes at least to see some effective results. It is known that further touch ups will be required to maintain a hair free body. With more than 150,000 you have lifetime of treatments!

If you see some hairs showing you can use the shaver for a quick removal or the epilator to pluck them away.

If you have a hair with little or no melanin (color) like blond hair, grey or white, you will need to use the epilator. As the epilator plucks the hairs and leaves tiny red bruises at the hair root. It is these red bruises which attract the light that destroys the hair root.


The Me my ELOS combo deal is a lucrative offer if you can afford it. You save over $100 of goodies, and get an extended 30,000 ELOS flashes. If you can not afford the combo deal, you better get the Pro Ultra system with the 120,000 pulses for $500 or the former ELOS devices (Tanda or Smooth) which can be found for as less as $400.

UK and European Customers…

Flag UKUK Customers click here and read reviews about the Me my ELOS Ultra System at your local store.