Guys! Get Rid Of Your Hairy Nose & Ears

How To Remove Nose & Ears Hair

Nose hair shaverThere’s a horrible turn off in a guy which has hair coming out of his nose or a guy with hairy ears!! Most men who are aware of their personal appearance will flinch at the thought of hair popping out of their nose or ears. Removing these hair can be quite simple, but must be done delicately!

Using Small Grooming Scissors

This may be the first way guys try to deal with the hair turf coming out of their nose. They soon find out it’s not as easy as it seems. Handling a pair of tiny grooming scissors and inserting them in to the nostrils is quite scary. Doing this delicate job in front of a mirror does not make it any easier.
Trying to cut nose hairs with small grooming scissors can be dangerous, because with on wrong move and you have them injuring your inner nostrils and will be blooding like hell.
This goes for the ears trimming, it looks easy, but once you need to stand in front of a mirror and figure how to hold the scissors so they do not cut your ears and make you Van-Gogh in a short swift cut.
Unless you have a single hair you wish to trim, using a pair of scissors is extremely not recommended.

Removing Nose and Ear Hair by Tweezing

After the small scissors are out of the question. Most men will think of using tweezers to pull out unwanted nose and ear hair.
The first thing you will find, is that pulling nose hair with tweezers hurts and will cause you to shed some tears! The second thing you will find is that trying to catch a hair on your ear with tweezers in front of a mirror requires very high coordination skills.
There is also a problem that plucking hair from inner ears can be dangerous and cause infections. Like with scissors, note that any sudden move or mishap and you will be shoving a very sharp object into your nose or ear!
OK, so scissors and tweezing are out of the question for permanent grooming. This leaves men with one small and useful gadget – The nose trimmer!

Using Nose & Ear Trimmer For Hair Removal

Most men who wish to be permanently groomed, and never face a woman with hair showing from their ears or nose, use a small compact nose trimmer. The compact device has a fast rotation head, like a shaving machine but with a fingertip head.
The trimmer can be safely inserted to the nostrils and it will trim the long hair inside. The same can be done in the ears, as the trimmer is rubbed like cotton ear buds, and will trim excessive hairs in no time.
The electric nose trimmers run on AA batteries, so there are no cords and they can be used anywhere. Some of them can be used even in the shower, as wet & dry nose trimmers.
Since the tip of the device is a fine trimmer they can be used for beard or mustache trimmers also. But for permanent beard and mustache trimming you may want a stronger hair trimmer than this.