Best Hair Removal System FOR MEN To Use At Home

Best Hair Removal System FOR MEN

TRIA LASER GREY For Male useTRIA LASER – Is probably the best ‘laser hair removal’ system for men who wish to remove body hair at home. The Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X is not intended for everybody, but for those who are the right candidates to use it, it can be a long lasting solution to unwanted body hair.

The 4X in the unit’s name – Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X, is referring to the fourth generation model, which is the newest one, and by far better than the former models.

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Men Do Not Want Pink Hair Removal Devices

OK lets face it, the best thing about this silver chrome Tria Beauty Hair Removal device is that it is not Pink and is not designed for women only. Men do not like to buy or use pink stuff. Most of the current home based systems were designed to attract women customers, and have hot red or blush colors.

See  below all the available colors of the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser. The best selling color is the Fuchsia. But most men prefer to order the chrome silver Graphite.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X - 5 colorsMen Like Removal Systems Which Work

tria laser male hair removalMen who wish to remove body hair, would like to do an effective job not hassle around. Men look for an effective solution to a common problem – removing body hair ASAP.

The hair removal laser is effective for the right candidates. The TRIA laser 4X device, will be effective for people with fair skin (not tanned or dark skin) and those who have dark hair complexion (not white, grey or yellowish blond).

The Tria laser work on a well know technology  which uses light energy to create the heat needed which dismantles the hair growth.

Laser do have a downside that the light spot is very narrow (0.25 inch) and each spot takes 2-3 seconds to treat. So completing a treatment can take longer with laser than with IPL (intense pulsed light). The upside is the energy level, laser is by far more effective transferring energy into the skin to disable the hair growth.

laser hair growth treatment effective stimulationIPL has maximum power of 8 joules (per cm2) while Tria laser has up to 20 Joules per cm2! Joules are measurement for light energy. And Tria can emit 250% more Joules per pulse than IPL.

The Tria Laser device has 5 energy levels, it is recommended to use the highest level you can manage. The more energy used, the more effective it is to disable the hair.

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Men Do Not Want Painful Hair Removal Systems

Tria Laser For Men Hair RemovalWhile women will bare endless pain to be beautiful.. men do not wish to add ‘pain’ to their checkout cart. Women use waxing all over their body including ‘down there‘, normal men, will never do waxing every month, and would never let anyone place hot wax ‘down there’ and allow them to rip off glory bush hair.

Laser can be painful. But there are solutions.

Most people who buy the TRIA laser 4X system, add anesthetics numbing creams to their Amazon cart. They do it because doing laser hair removal at home can be quite painful. It is recommended to apply topical anesthetics and use a higher level of energy, in order to see better results.

So what are men looking for when they buy a home hair removal system:

  1. Nice color which is not a Barbie color.
  2. A system which works.
  3. A solution which is less painful as possible.

TRIA LASER GREY For Male use The pain part is a downside for lasers, but with some numbing cream applied, the discomfort factor can be dismissed.

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When adding this together the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser is chosen again and again as the best home hair removal kit!.