Prepare Him a Smooth Body For Valentine’s Day.. NIGHT

Silky Pubic At Valentine’s Day Night

Shave the pubic for playful valentine's day nightValentine’s day is all about love, and Valentine’s day night is all about sensual love. The best way men like to see how much their women love them is by… yes having sex. Women would appreciate to see some feelings and efforts invested toward the Valentine’s gift. Men would just need the sex..

Preparing Your Body for Valentine’s Day Night

In this short review we will show you how you can surprise your man at Valentine’s day night, by showing a silky smooth bare pubic for a Valentine’s day night he will never forget. Preparing a smooth bare pubic is not too complected and can be done at home with some simple guidelines.

The good part is that what ever you do, everything is reversible, so you do not have to be too worried stuck with a permanent porn actress pubic. You can prepare to be one night hair free and slutty sexy, and know the hair will grow back within next weeks.

Preparing The Pubic for Valentine’s Day Night

For a smooth clean and close pubic shave you need to take a long hot tub or shower. The hot water helps the hair to be flexible and easy to shave.

While at the bath, use a shampoo and conditioner to soften the hair, soft hairs shave better and closer. The skin will be also clean and damp for the close shave.

Do not dry the pubic hair after the bath, but leave a warm damp towel over your privates, to keep the hair soft until you begin the shaving ‘ceremony’.

If it is the first time you touch your bush, you will need to trim the hairs. Do not try to shave the bush hair when it is grown wild.. Trim the top part with an electric trimmer, there are some really cheap trimmers at Amazon, which can help you keep a nice trimmed bush later on.

If you do not have a hairy bush to trim, you can proceed to the shaving part.

For a very pleasant shave, without nicks and cuts, you will need a shaving oil. Most people have not heard or used shaving oils, and that is a pity, because it will protect the sensitive skin and help the blades glide over the skin without injuring it. There are several types, the most recommended is The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil.

Rub the shaving oil gently over the skin, let it soak for a minute.

For a clean close pubic shaving, you will want new shaving blade. Gillette Mach 3 are the most popular and recommended shaving blades. Older blades tend to be dull and they will pull hairs, rips them and will cause ingrowth hairs which will make the pubic skin infected and itchy.

Shaving The Pubic For Valentine’s Day

Shave the hairs in the growth direction. Begin from the outer contour line and shave gently inward. Do gentle strokes with the razor blades, and wash the hairs from the blades between each stroke. So the next shave will be done with a clean razor.

Valentine's Day Night Sexy LingerieIf you feel more playful you can do kinky pubic hairstyle design. Most common pubic hairstyles designs are small arrow pointing down.. or a small red heart. For kinky pubic hairstyles shaving you will need a special pubic hair colors, which can be bought for a low price at Amazon too. The hair dye should be done a day before Valentine’s, because it has the chemical odor, and you do not want at odor to interfere with the pubic playing.

 Once the area is nice clean and smooth, apply a aftershave cream, or some other lotion to keep the skin soft for your Valentine’s day night.

To complete the sexy tempting montage for the Valentine’s night, get a sexy dressing accessories like a black lingerie or sexy nipple covers. Make sure to put on a sweet perfume. Light soft candles and whisper to spice him up.

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