HOW TO: Create a Brazilian Pubic ‘Landing Strip’

Brazilian Bikini Hair Landing Strip Creation

While some women prefer to be pubic hair free, and have a complete smooth bare pubic, many women prefer to create a some kind of theme ‘down there’. One of the popular designs for women’s bikini hair styles is creating what is known as a Brazilian landing strip. Creating a pubic hair landing strip means leaving a thin line of hair from the top of the pubic to the area above the clitoris.

Women love a Brazilian bikini landing strip hair style because the pubic is not totally bare and bald. The landing strip hair will not show from the sides of sexy underwear or a tiny Brazilian bikini. A Brazilian strip pubic is a sexy invitation for guys while not giving the feeling of being too cheap (bare).

Brazilian Landing Strip Ideas

Brazilian Bikini Landing StripBrazilian Pubic Style A– Two Fingers Wide – Is a wide Brazilian landing strip design. It is a brave design for those who have never trimmed the pubic hair. Your partner would be happy.

Brazilian Pubic Style B – One finger+ this is a classic Brazilian pubic landing strip, it is cool and sexy, for those who are comfortable enough to be 90% bare ‘down there’.

Brazilian Style C – This design is for the girls who are feeling sexy and tempting. C design is a very thin landing strip line, which can be a full ‘landing strip’ from top of pubic to the vagina, or a short landing strip which is a thin line not reaching the natural abdominal hair growth.

Hollywood Bare Pubic – The D design is a bare bald smooth pubic, with all hair removed. Before you hurry to permenantly remove all pubic hair, think again, because you might be sorry when you wish to re-design your look.


Permanent Landing Strip Hair Removal

If a Brazilian landing strip is your thing, then you may want to save the weekly trouble of keeping the landing strip clear, and weeding the hair again and again. There are several options to get a permanent bikini landing strip.

Bush Hair Men women TrimmerWhen using light systems (Laser, IPL or Elos) be careful not to pulse over vulva outer lips, the skin there is far too sensitive and may be darker than regular skin tones, exposing you to laser thermal side effects as mild burns. To design the landing strip, use a trimmer with a straight comb (like the CleanCut trimmer – see image) do not draw a line with black pencil because dark color line can cause laser or IPL side effects.

TRIA laser 4x for Brazilian landing strip pubicPubic Laser Hair Removal – If you have a home laser system like the Tria Laser a landing strip will be simple to create. The pubic area is small and easy to overlap, within a 20 minutes you can cover the pubic hair sides, leaving a landing strip in the middle.

TRIA has launched a smaller device which might be perfect for designing a landing strip – TRIA Precision Laser. It’s small, compact and lightweight, designed for delicate laser epilating.

veet laser hair removal for pubic landing stripPubic IPL Hair Removal – IPL machines usually have a larger treatment window, but some of them are also compact and designed for precise hair removal. The Philips Lumea IPL is one of those with a slim window, you can create a nice landing strip with.

You will need to shave the sides of the landing strip too before each session, and after a few sessions you will see a reduction in the hair growth, and the landing strip will be more permanently visible.

Creating A Bikini Landing Strip By Electrolysis

This will be the true permanent landing strip to heaven, because the electrolysis is destroying the roots of the hair deep down in the follicle. The pubic is small enough to be treated by electrolysis within 1-2 sessions.

Follow the instruction that comes with the electrolysis kit, it is advised to find a quite free afternoon, allow yourself to do it slowly and not under pressure. Electrolysis hair removal is a slow process but it only needs to be done once.

How To Design A Pubic Landing Strip

Part #1 Design your bikini landing strip. To create a perfect neat pubic landing strip  you will need to create two straight lines which will be the borders of the pubic landing strip design. Use a comb to split the pubic hair exactly where you want it to end.

How to Remove Women's Hairy Bush

Part #2 Use a trimmer and trim/shave 1 cm (0.5 inch) outwards from the split line you created. You will now have a ‘white’ trimmed border around your pubic landing strip. Use the Cleancut T Shaped trimmer for pubic trimming.

Part #3 Check with a mirror. Stand in front of a mirror, check that the Brazilian ‘landing strip’ is like you expected it to be. It is better to begin with a wider landing strip and shrink it, rather than a thin line which will not grow wider after treated.

tria precision Laser For BrazilianPart #4 Remove hair. Use the TRIA Precision laser (see image on right) and begin with the hair follicles which are at the trimmed line. Once you have completed them, you can either continue until all the pubic hair is removed except the Brazilian landing strip or shave the rest of the hair until the next session.

Get the best home hair removal laser TRIA system unit – TRIA Precision Laser from Amazon.

The area on the sides of the ‘landing strip’ must be shaved before each session.  Do not pulse laser or IPL over the unshaven pubic hair.

Philips Lumea IPLIf you prefer IPL – get a cost effective Philips Lumea IPL home system to create your desired pubic landing strip. It has a narrow window compared to other IPL devices for precise treatments. Flash the pubic shaved hair, overlapping each area as you proceed.

Click here to get the compact Philips Lumea IPL device from Amazon.

It’s easier to trim your pubic hair with IPL because the window is slim and has straight lines, it’s also less painful to treat with IPL than with laser.

#5 You will need to repeat treatments to see permanent results – Do these IPL or laser sessions every second week, to target new growing hairs. After 3-6 treatments you should notice a reduction of new hairs growing. Those hairs which may keep growing will be lighter and thinner. Use the IPL or laser for future touch ups.


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