Shaving ‘Down There’? See The Perfect Pubic Shaving Tips

Shaving Pubic Hair For Men and Women

Many people today from both genders are shaving pubic hair regularly. For some shaving the pubic has been a way of life for many years, for others shaving the hairs ‘down there’ is something new and might be even a little embarrassing to ask about. So no matter why you decided to remove your pubic hair by shaving, in this short review you will see all the available tips and tricks and all the recommendations for the smoothest safest pubic shaving.

Permanent Alternatives To Pubic Hair Shaving

Before we dive into the pubic shaving tips, it is important for you to know that there are other alternatives to pubic hair removal. These alternatives are more permanent and long lasting than shaving. If having a bare pubic is your lifestyle decision these options might be better solution for the long run.

There are the permanent removal solutions like pubic laser hair removal which can be done at a hair removal clinic, or the home hair removal systems like the Tria laser or DM 6000 laser which can do the same removal process at home and save you money. Some prefer the IPL solutions like the Silk’n Sensepil or the Philips Lumea (Sold at Amazon UK). Those who can afford themselves the best machine, will prefer the Me-my-Elos hair removal system.

Electrolysis is also permanent way to remove hair, but not to many women or men will bare their privates for hours to get the pubic hair treated slowly hair by hair hunt with a thin needle.

These sessions can take month to complete, and will cost more than the shaving option.

Before A Pubic Shaving Session

Before you begin a pubic shaving session, you will want to sooth the hair and the sensitive skin as much as possible. That is why it is recommended to do a long warm bath before the shaving session. The warm water makes the hair softer and more easy to shave.

If your pubic bush is wild or it is the first time you ever shave the hair down there, then you need to trim the hair and prepare the surface for the close shaving. For best results use an electric trimmer those are very cheap and they will cut the hair close to the skin without any irritations. See some cheap trimmers here.

If you are experienced or the pubic hair was shaved lately, then you can proceed.

Make sure you have at hand:

  1. A new razor blade. Never use a used blade (blade you use for legs or face) for pubic hair shaving, you want to get the closest shave and no nicks and cuts. A used blade can cause infections as it has microscopic pieces of hairs and soap on it.
  2. A multiple blade Razor. The best razor blades are the multiple blades sold at any grocery store today, like Schick or Gillette Mach series.
  3. A mirror. Though pubic hair removal can be done without a mirror, if you plan to do some nice shapes down there, a mirror will be needed. If you plan to get close to the vagina or the scrotum you may want a mirror close by for perfect trimming.

Do not shave your pubic hair first thing in the morning, the body fluids make skin swell a bit, wait at least half an hour before you start, you will feel the skin is more taut and the hair shaft more exposed, ready to be shaved.

Always Use a Pubic Pre-Shaving Oil/Gel

The pubic hair and skin is very sensitive, you do not want any mistakes and cuts when it comes to shaving down there… One of the best ways to prevent such mishaps is to use a pre-shaving gel or oil. These oils mask the skin and keep the blade gliding over the skin.

Shaving oils or gels help to reduce dry skin, skin shaving rashes, nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs and shaving bumps. Some shaving oils need only a few drops per shave, shaving gels can be applied by hand and massaged into the area to be shaved. Leave them on the skin for 5-10 seconds.

See one of the best shaving oils here: The Art of Shaving – Pre-Shave Oil.

Pubic Shaving Cream Or Gel

When shaving down there you wish the best for the pubic skin. There are some shaving gels and creams which are especially for the pubic hair shaving. the best known brand is the ‘Art of Shaving’ cream for women.

Unlike our recommendation for a pubic shaving oil, most of the shaving creams today are similar, and there is no use buying a shaving cream for the pubic hair especially. You need to use a shaving cream or gel which is thick and rich, and is designated for sensitive skin.

As long as you use a new razor blade + a shaving oil, the kind of shaving cream for the pubic will not make a difference.

How To Shave Women’s Pubic Hair

Hold the skin so it is tight and run the blade from top to bottom with the hair growth direction. Press the blade gently, do not press too hard, the blades should glide smoothly. Then shave from the bikini line up till the middle of the pubic area. Between the legs, sit with spread legs and shave inside from the upper thighs towards the vagina outer lips.

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric ShaverWhen close to the vagina you use a mirror, if there are hairs which have survived the trimming you may prefer to use tweezers to get them away rather than shave delicate skin.

Between every shave clean the razor, wash it under warm water and then proceed.

Your life would be much easier with a wet and dry women trimmer, do it comfortably while you are in the shower. Check here one of the best selling trimmers for private parts.

How to Shave Men’s Pubic Hair

Men’s pubic shaving is similar to women’s directions. Begin with shaving from the lower abdominal towards the penis. Do it in slow motion, do not press to hard on the blades. Men who shave the facial beard are customized to pressing the blades hard when shaving, they need to be more gentle when shaving down there.

When finished shaving downward, shave gently upward and from the upper thighs to the middle of the pubic area. Wash the blade between every shave. You can apply some more shaving gel or oil if the blade is not running smoothly.

Around the penis shaft shave upward and only then downwards, with the hair growth direction.


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