How To Use ‘Me’ my Elos – Video Clips

Short Video Instruction For Me My Elos

Using the Me my Elos hair removal system at home, is different from all the hair removal systems you probably read about or even tried for permanent hair reduction. The reason that the Me my Elos hair removal system is different is because the technology is different and with the Me Elos Shaver and the Me Elos Epilator, the hair removal session is short, easy and comfortable to be done.

Is Time Worth Money?

Doing  laser hair removal at home means that every spot that is treated needs overlapping to cover 100% of the skin, and be sure that all hair had been covered. The laser beam can be projected only once every 2-3 seconds, and with the safety beeps and confirmations, the whole laser hair removal session is very slow, and precise.

As you will see shortly in the Me My Elos instruction video, using the Me my Elos system is much easier, the IPL light flashes at the skin and the RF (radio frequency) completes the heating of the hair in the follicle. The synergy between the two technologies IPL + RF  makes the whole hair removal session, smooth and short, just like shaving the skin with an electric shaver.

Little To No Skin Preparations

While most hair removal machines needs some kind of preparations before the hair removal treatment, a shave or epilation a day before, the home hair removal session can never be spontaneous. Most women can plan a day before, but it it more easy when the decision to do a hair removal session, comes when the time allows it, rather than planning a day before and completing a leg shave.

With the use of the Me Elos System accessories, the hair removal session can be done totally spontaneously! Me Elos session can be squeezed in a free 20 minutes between other home daily tasks, or making smooth hairless legs just before going in to bed. The Me my Elos Accessories are sold seperately.

If you can afford it (the Me my Elos costs much more than ‘old’ laser hair removals) than this system makes the whole hair removal process much more easy, comfortable, private, fast and painless (compared to any other IPL or laser system).

Me My Elos Accessories Video Clip


Me My Elos Cost

Unfortunately like all the good stuff in life the Me my Elos price tag, makes it out of reach for many. Like luxury cars, a pool at the back yard, and costly cosmetics the Me My Elos hair removal system is a status sign made for those who can afford it.

For the rest of us ‘humans’ who work hard for our money, the Me Elos hair removal is worth the extra effort when:

  • Laser or IPL are too painful to suffer,
  • Dark or tanned skin tones who do not have another home hair removal machine to choose,
  • Or for those who’s time is valuable and now that they will not succeed to follow 1 hour session(!) for ONE leg every 2-3 weeks..

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Me my elos hair removal cost