Body-Hair Removal Method For Olympic Athletes

Olympic Athletes Body Hair Removal

Some of you might know that many athletes remove body hair. It might be surprising to learn just how many of the Olympic athletes are removing their body hair before competitions. Many of the Olympic athletes at the London 2012 summer games have removed their body hair permanently by using laser hair removal.

Why Do Olympic Athletes Remove Hair

No underarm hair, no body hair – Totally smooth –

Olympic Swimmers Body Hair Removal
Michael Phelps Photo by Bryan Allison

There are couple of reasons why professional athletes remove body hair permanently, usually by using home laser systems or attending professional laser clinics.

Beauty / Aesthetics – Lets face it, being smooth is more beautiful than being hairy. Professional athletes who compete in the Olympics will be seen by millions around the world. While most of us walk around dresses, they will be wearing the smallest shorts and tops. No women athlete would like to be seen with a hairy underarm, nor a hairy bikini line bush  seen from her running jocks.

Aerodynamics – Runners and other athletes tend to remove body hair for several reasons. One reason is when falling the bruise is hairless and it helps prevent road rash. Many of the athletes in the track and field do daily massages, and oily massage on hairless body feels much smoother. The aerodynamics may be a reason for the 100 meter sprinters. Though it might scrape off Milli seconds, but for those seeking a world record, these Milli seconds count!

Hydrodynamic – Another popular segment of athletes are the Olympic swimmers, they do body hair removal to gain better hydrodynamics in the water. They wear head caps, shave the arms, legs and chest. See picture of Michael Phelps and the Olympic USA swimming team. No one has any hair on underarms, chest, arms or legs.

Did you ever see a hairy dolphin?

Which Hair Removal Method Olympic Athletes Use

Not so long ago, most of the professional swimmers and cyclists have been known to shave all their body hair. Some of them used to wax the hair because waxing lasts longer (couple of weeks) and shaving leave a dark gray shade over skin, which is both non hydrodynamic / aerodynamic and unpleasant to touch.

Today most of the Olympic athletes use permanent methods for body hair removal. The main methods are electrolysis and laser hair removal. By using these methods, there is no need to keep any maintenance of the skin smoothness, and the athlete can concentrate at their expertize.

Electrolysis – Is the only true permanent hair removal method, with electrolysis each hair follies is destroyed one at a time.

Laser hair removal – Is not 100% permanent, and is usually called ‘permanent hair reduction’. The main advantages is that the treatment is fast and can be done over 4-6 treatments in 2 month period.

Home Hair Removal Systems For Non Athletes

You do not have to be an Olympic athlete to enjoy a professional laser hair removal at home. Today many of these systems (which once had an outrageous price) can be found at amazon at a fair price value. Their price had been sliced due to new competition and new brands entering the segment.

The Silk’n SensEpil for example which was sold for over $550 can now be dispatched for less than $250! TRIA laser which was sold for $900 is the best selling item at amazon, with a price tag of $395. The Remington IPL which is the new brand that pulled the rug beneath all the rest of the systems has a list price of $250.

Though most of us do not need to scrape Milli seconds off our personal best result, we sti

Body Hair Removal At Home – Conclusion

ll would like to feel clean and smooth. Our personal aesthetics is important for our well being. I believe watching world class Olympic athletes hairless, smooth and shinny, will help more people decide to remove their body hair, even if they are just going to the gym.