Olympic Athlete Louise Hazel – Laser Hair Removal

Heptathlon Superstar Laser Hair Removal

Louise Victoria Hazel is a beautiful athletes who will compete in the 2012 Olympic games. Hazel has informed the world she did a full body laser hair removal to be smooth and fuzz free when she attends the summer Olympic games in London 2012.

What a powerful athlete –

Louise Hazel Laser Hair Removal
Louise Hazel – Laser Hair Removal (Photo By Erik van Leeuwen)


Louise  Hazel will be challenging the golf medal on of the most difficult events the women’s outdoor heptathlon. The heptathlon includes seven sport events, in which the athletes are required to win as many points as possible to become a gold medalist. While most athletes need to be good at one event, Louise  Hazel will need to preform and succeed in these:

  • 100m hurdles
  • High jump
  • Shot put
  • 200m
  • Long jump
  • Javelin throw
  • 800m

Why Did Louise  Hazel Do Laser Hair Removal

In her official website Hazel has referred to her full body hair removal by laser:

In the build up to the Olympic Games Harley Medical Group have come to my rescue to assist me with laser hair removal. As an athlete, remaining fuzz free is a necessity and is often an arduous task but now I can step out onto the track with confidence, the results have been amazing! See source..

As you can see in the picture at the top of the page, running hurdles with tiny shorts, and being an Olympic athletes require to focus on the goal – which is a gold medal. Shaving, waxing and all the rest of the solutions to remove hair, are to demanding, time consuming (and painful).

Laser Hair Removal For Non Heptathlon Competitors 😉

Laser hair removal can be done in professional beauty salons. This may be a great solution for long lasting hair reduction, for Olympic athletes or for all women (and men). The main downside is that doing laser hair removal treatments at salons is a very expensive treat. Full body hair removal can reach over $1500-$2000.

Most people purchase today a nice little laser hair removal system for home use, these compact devices do the same effect and reduce permanently hair growth, for a beautiful smooth skin. You can find at amazon systems which are sold at a cheap price of less than $300!

The two most recommended systems at the low price range are:

Laser Hair Removal Silk'n Hazel LouiseSilk’n SensEpil – Which was the leader of the IPL segment for years, and was chosen by the readers of the About.com hair removal forums to be the ‘Best Home Hair Removal System For 2010’.

The Silk’n when it was the only laser (IPL) hair removal system at 2010 a price tag of $750, now you can buy it at amazon for less than $260!! Check latest Silk’n discount here.


Tria Laser For Olympic AthletesTRIA Laser – The first ever real laser (not IPL) system approved by the FDA for home hair removal.

The TRIA was sold over the counter for $900 a few years ago, and now you can purchase the advanced 4X TRIA model for $495!

There is no need to be Louise Hazel jumping hurdles to have a clean smooth bikini line. Laser hair removal is here for everyone.