Which Laser Hair Removal Is Best For Chinese Skin

Laser Hair Removal For Chinese Skin

Which Laser Hair Removal Is Best For Chinese SkinWhat is the best laser hair removal for Chinese skin types? Most of the at-home hair removal systems are suitable for Chinese skin type because most of the Chinese have pale, yellowish skin, and dark hair.

The best candidates for photo-epilation (hair removal by light energy) are those with pale white skin and dark hair. So Chinese skin is quite close to the basic requirements needed for an effective laser treatment.

When looking for the best laser hair removal, we included the IPL systems because most people call them all “laser” though they use wide spectrum of light and not a laser beam to project the energy to the skin.

The Best Value For Money Hair Removal

IPL6000Q Remington Pro Plus QuartzChinese skin types are lucky, because they can use all hair removal systems without any worry. The best value for money system to remove Chinese type hair at home, would be the Remington IPL6000USQ i Light Pro. This is a rather new player on the field, but with the low price tag of $349 it is already one of Amazon’s best selling hair removal item.

Remington IPL 6000Q is perfect for Chinese skin because it can treat the yellowish skin as long as the hair is dark. Remington IPL has a wide IPL window so it can cover large skin areas (6 cm²) at each pulse.

Remington IPL has a skin tone sensor lock, which needs to be unlocked by placing the treated skin to be checked before each session. Get the Remington IPL6000USQ Quartz system here!

Make sure you do not tan the skin in the sun before treating with IPL, the skin should be as pale as possible.

The Premium Device For Chinese Hair Removal

 Chinese IPL Hair Removal SystemThe best device for removing hair at home, which is suitable for Chinese skin types as well, is the Me my ELOS hair removal system. The Me is not a regular IPL system, but operates on the new ELOS technology. ELOS technology is used at professional clinic by doctors and at beauty salons. It uses IPL + RF (radio frequency waves) to achieve better results, faster and less painful than any other home system.

There is no direct competition to the Me ELOS system, because there is no other home system which has ELOS technology deployed.

me my ELOS Pro Ultra Plus attachmentsWe called it the premium device for hair removal because not everyone could afford it. It is sold on amazon for $595, those who can buy it will enjoy a super fast home treatment.

The ELOS applicator can be used by gliding over the skin, unlike the rest of the IPL systems which needs to be pressed for 2-3 seconds before the pulse the light. The Me can treat a whole body in less than 40 minutes while regular IPL will need 30 minutes just to do one leg.

ELOS technology is safer for dark skin types (because of the RF waves), so even darker Chinese skin complexions can use it safely. If you can afford it, you can get the Me my ELOS here! Some of the offers have a combo deal with the ELOS accessories + 150,000 flashes lamp.

Chinese Laser Hair Removal Conclusion

As long as the skin is pale (not tanned, not dark) all the laser hair removal and IPL will be effective on Chinese skin tones. Dark hair is required for most effective treatments (not white/grey or blond). Here you saw two options for hair removal systems, the best value for money full body device (Remington) and for those who can afford it and wish the best for themselves, the Rolls Royce of home hair removal systems the Me my ELOS.

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