Tria Beauty Complaints

What Do Tria Beauty Customers Complain About

Tria Beauty ComplaintsTria beauty laser hair removal system, is one of the best selling hair removal devices sold online. Like any other hair removal system, it’s customers complain on various subjects. Here you can read what are the common TRIA beauty complaints by customers and users who have bought the TRIA laser machine for home hair removal treatments.

The Tria beauty complaints can be divided into sub-categories.

  • Complaints about TRIA hair removal results.
  • Complaints about TRIA laser malfunctions
  • Customer service complaints

It would be impossible not to have complaints when selling tens of thousands of hair removal systems, to so many people all over the globe. Some of the complaints are due to the fact customers did not follow the instructions, and some are complaints which have been taken care of by TRIA beauty customer service representatives.

Common Complaints On TRIA Beauty Laser

Dark Skin TRIA Users

One of the most common complaints customer have on the TRIA laser is about the skin tones it can treat. TRIA laser has a safety sensor which locks it from treating dark skin. So many customers who have dark skin (Indian, Mexican, Arab) get disappointed after ordering the TRIA only to find out they can not use it..

I was so excited to receive this product, then I read the first page of the instructions which said that if you are African-American, Indian, etc.. you can NOT use this product even if you have lighter toned skin. On TV and online, they advertise the tester and make the comment about skin tones, but they fail to tell you that certain ethnicities simply can NOT use this product. I’m a lighter toned African American who was estactic over this product and now had to go through the inconvenience of returning it. See source..

How to avoid the agony? Get the Me my ELOS hair removal, which is safer for darker skin tones. Read more about Me my ELOS treating dark skin.

Blond/Grey Hair TRIA Users

Tria (and all other laser hair removal systems) require that the hair will be dark, in order that the laser will heat the melanin (dark color) in the hair. Without enough dark melanin color in the hair (white, grey, red hairs) the TRIA will not succeed to create enough heat for the hair destruction..

“I’ve had this thing for about 2 and a half months. I’m not sure I’m seeing that much action. I have gone over and over and over a few places on my legs and still significant amount of hair continuing to show. In fact it almost seems at times like there is more hair on my legs than there was before. I’m thinking that with my fair skin and light blonde to gray hair the treatment is not effective. Does anyone else have this problem?” See source.
How to solve this? You can buy natural melanin creams to treat the hairs a few weeks before the laser treatment. Check more on the natural Melanin Enhancer here.

TRIA Users With No Patience

Some customers don’t understand that hair removal with laser is a Sisyphus work. Meaning  it takes hours to treat a leg by overlapping each area treated one at a time. So they begin to do it hastily, with no grid planning, no schedule, and then they decide quickly “TRIA is not working! Great disappointment!”. See this next complaint:

“I received the Tria & tried it. The pain didn’t bother me, but it is impossible to tell where you have treated, so it’s a guessing game. I used it a couple of times & could not tell any difference. I sent it back. I would have kept it, but at the price they sell for how are we supposed to know if it works in 30 days when you are only supposed to use it once a month & it is supposed to take up to 6 months to become hair free? If it doesn’t work, too bad, so sad because you are stuck with something that was expensive & didn’t work. I would try it again, but they are going to have to extend the return policy.” Read source.
How to avoid this in the future? First of all, know that doing TRIA laser hair removal means sliding the tip one cm each time, and waiting 2-3 seconds until the TRIA beeps.
This customer did not know what to expect from the TRIA:
 This is a very poor item. The battery (after being charged for more than 8 hours) lasted ONLY the top area of ONE thigh. I had to recharge the entire thing for more than 3 hours again. You cannot use this while its charging. The actual laser area is so small it takes forever to even do a small part. See more.
Note that TRIA is cordless so it needs to be recharged frequently. You can avoid this by buying an IPL system, which can work for as much as it needs to complete a session. Or plan your treatments for smaller skin areas at a time.
If you are sloppy.. do not buy a laser machine and buy an IPL device. IPL has a wide flash window, and can be moved more easily from spot to spot. If you do not have time for hair-hunt, buy the Me my ELOS which can complete a full body in 30-40 minutes, (TRIA will need 7 hours to do the same..).

Tria Beauty Complaints Conclusion

Tria Laser ComplaintsTRIA Beauty is not a perfect machine, but most of the complaints on the system, which gave it low ratings and one star grades, are mainly because users did not learn enough about the system before buying it.
You can READ MORE ON TRIA which thousands of others have found useful for hair removal.


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