Pubic Mania – Mens Hairless Pubic Trends

Men’s Hairless Pubic Is Now Common

Men's Males Hairless Pubic TrendsHairless Pubic Fashion Trends! Once upon a time, waxing or shaving the pubic area was a total taboo. People either did not do it, or where very discrete when they did remove the pubic hair. But now removing the pubic hair for males or females is just as common as any other ‘hair removal treatment’.

Hairless Male Pubic

There are several reasons why men get rid of their pubic hair. Some do it to keep their private parts more hygiene, others like the way it looks, some do it because they see porn actors with hairless male pubic and they like the feeling that their ‘Johnson’ just looks bigger when there is no bush to cover it.

Simple Way For A Hairless Pubic

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“When it comes to our hair, it seems we’re never satisfied: we encourage it on our heads and rip it from our bodies. Natalie Craig wonders if our follicle fixation has become a little unhealthy.

We crimp it, colour it, boof it up and bleach it. We love it cascading in waves from a woman’s head – but not from her bikini bottoms. Technology has made our ability to change it almost limitless. But are we starting to care too much about hair?

It used to be as simple as a cut’n’colour or, for men, a $10 clip at the barber. As for the hair ”down there”, ladies might trim the hedge occasionally, while blokes let the garden grow.

But now it seems the smooth guy’s the stud. Check out the most recent Cosmo centrefolds or pick your favourite nude St Kilda footballer and it’s clear fuzz-free is in fashion. Women, too, are buffing their bodies and, in particular, pillaging their pubes. And while the hair downstairs is endangered, upstairs it’s flourishing, with extensions and transplants creating the effect of a horsey mane.

Indeed, it seems possible today to have as much or as little hair as you want. Among the latest trends are eyebrow transplants, in which hair from the back of the head is surgically inserted in the browline, permanent pubic-hair removal by laser and men’s ”XXX” pubic waxes. (Apparently, removing the lawn makes the tree look bigger. Ahem.)”

More and more men and women take the trip to a bare Brazilian pubic. This means some may wax it away every few weeks, some may shave the pubic hair constantly, others who are tired from this ‘second job’ will do a permanent pubic hair removal treatment, and leave the place bare and bald.

”Many people say they do it for hygiene,” she says. ”We’ve come to see a full bush of pubic hair as being in some way dirty … We also increasingly value bodies that are, in some ways, childlike. We value the very thin, the very smooth and hairless and the wrinkle-free.”

Women are under even more pressure to be hairless and Brazilians – the waxing of all pubic hair, with the option of a frontal ”landing strip” – have become so popular, many women are choosing laser to make the effect permanent.

Some who have taken a ”permanent trip to Brazil” say it’s not a bad place. ”[I] love it,” says Lauren, 30, a Melbourne singer. ”Waxing was so painful and I had many horrible and painful ingrown hairs. Now I don’t have to worry.”

But why worry about the wax-off in the first place? Some proclaim bedroom benefits. Others just like how it looks.” Read More On This Story…

This is how fashion is changing our world, things that where ‘unconventional’ 20 years ago are now as mainstream as they could ever be. Today men and women can speak freely and share their hair removal experience, and learn from others who have done it. When they see others men with hairless pubic style they feel comfortable to do it themselves too.

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