eLase – The New RF + Diode Laser Hair Removal

Syneron eLase System RF + Laser Hair Removal

The international giant hair removal company Syneron launched a new hair removal system named eLase, leveraging their Elos hair removal capabilities into new dimensions. The eLase – Is New RF + Diode Laser Hair Removal!

Syneron is a leading company for hair removal systems, most of their systems are used at doctors and professional skin and hair treatment clinics. Syneron has released earlier this year the Me my Elos – home hair removal system! Taking the revolutionary Elos technology and placing it inside a cool small home device. The Me my Elos uses IPL light and RF (Radio Frequency) to remove hair.

Read below about the new Syneron eLase technology combining Laser and RF with the special Motif LHR applicator.

“The eLase system combines Syneron’s proprietary elos bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energy with diode laser energy. This synergistic energy combination allows the system to utilize less optical energy during treatments, increasing patient safety for all skin types. The system features the new Motif LHR hair removal applicator with Motif mode that leverages the energy combination to allow high frequency, lower energy treatments that are virtually pain free with far shorter treatment times than competitive devices. The system also includes a new Motif IR applicator that can be used for fractional facial rejuvenation procedures with zero patient downtime, expanding the capabilities of the eLase system beyond hair removal procedures.

Louis P. Scafuri, Chief Executive Officer of Syneron Medical, said, “The eLase builds upon Syneron and Candela’s proven track record of best-in-class hair removal systems with a next-generation platform designed to further enhance the patient experience. The unique combination of our elos technology allows for selective and deep dermal penetration, providing highly effective and safe hair removal treatments for patients of all skin types. In addition, the eLase features many ease-of-use and patient comfort enhancements, including faster treatment times, a new pain free mode, contact cooling and intra-procedure dermal monitoring.”

Mr. Scafuri further added, “In addition to the hair removal mode, the system also has an optional Motif IR applicator that allows the practice to leverage the eLase to offer fractional skin rejuvenation procedures with the same platform and same safety profile across skin types. The eLase system is available through our direct sales force and distribution partners in Europe and Asia.” Read all about Syneron new eLase

Syenron eLase Hair Removal System

The main break through of the Syneron eLase hair removal system, is that it manages to lower the light energy which makes the hair removal treatment less painful yet very effective. The eLase laser light does not need to be high energy beam pulses, because the RF wave which follows the light, heats the hair and completes the Elos thermal treatment.

Laser is usually more effective than IPL, but it is both slower apply, and more painful for the user. eLase combines Laser + RF hair removal means effective laser hair removal sessions, with faster sessions, and less discomfort for the user.

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