Using TRIA Laser Hair Removal System

How To Use TRIA Home Hair Removal Laser

In this review you will find important information regarding the use of  TRIA home laser systems. Like in any personal care and cosmetic system (especially one with laser light) you should read all the safety instructions that are sent with the product itself, see that you understand and follow them carefully.


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Which Body Locations Tria Laser is Meant For Hair Removal

The Tria Laser home system can be used on any skin surface below the neck: on the legs, underarms, bikini line, back, chest, stomach, arms, hands, or feet. Do not use it anywhere on face, head, ears, genitals, nipples, anus.

Note that TRIA laser system has not yet been cleared in the U.S. for use on the face, head, or neck. So for hair removal of eyebrows, upper lip, chins and sideburns do not use this laser device.  Use Electrolysis for sideburns and chin. For upper lip you can use  “R.e.m. Spring Sprong” fast and reliable tool.


The Skin Tones & Hair Color for TRIA Best Results

Just like all the commonly used lasers, the Tria works best with light to medium skin tones and dark hair. Since the laser is beamed at the skin and in order for the light to do its best effect, and heat up the hair follicle. The heat effect of the laser is created when there is a contrast between the hair (dark tone) and the surrounding skin (light tone). If you are unsure of your skin tone or hair tone you can use the skin sensor in the TRIA box you received. Each Tria Laser comes with a skin sensor so you can test your skin tone prior to treatment.


Skin Tone Chart– If you are not sure you may wish to check your skin tone color with a doctor, The Tria is not FDA approved for consumers with darker skin. See the chart to find out your skin tone ‘family’. Darker skin tones risks unwanted effects.

To ensure proper use of the device a sensor is provided which will test your skin color to be sure that you may safely use the Tria. Place the sensor on your skin and wait for the green approval light to flash. You may “unlock” the Tria hand piece by passing the sensor in front of it.

Black or dark skin should not use the Tria as the light aimed to be absorbed at the dark matter will absorb in the skin and not in the hair follicle – which might cause unwanted burns.

Other hair tones – Blond hair, red, grey or white hair can not be removed with the TRIA laser home system. These kind of hairs colors are too fair for the laser to absorb the light and heat up. On these hair colors the melanin is too low for the laser light to do it’s job.

Is it painful ? Well most customers say the pain is very bearable, (even men..), while holding the laser tip on the skin and listening for the beep, you might feel a warm/hot ‘snap’ for a second, and it’s over. With the TRIA home laser system you can choose your comfort level of laser beam, (1-5) so if you feel on sensitive skin it is too painful you can adjust and lower the laser heat level. Coarse hair is more painful to remove since the roots are larger and the heat needed to destroy the follicle is more intense.

Follow The TRIA Home Treatment Plan


Since the hair has a growth cycle, laser works only at a very specific cycle stage – The ‘growing’ phase. This means the treatments need to be done every other month to cover all the hair at all stages. If you do not follow this routine, then you will be disappointed from the results, and it will be mostly because of not following the treatment plan as advised.

The Tria home laser system will do it’s part, and you have to be committed to doing your part. In order to archive a hairless smooth body even at places with coarse hair, you need to follow the calendar you get with the product, go through the sessions at the right schedule. Skipping the session or doing another body part (left/right leg) not as planned may bring regrowth of hair, disappointment and frustration.

The Tria treatments do not take long time. Small skin areas like bikini line and underarms take 5-10 minutes to treat. Legs may take 20-30 minutes each. Men’s back or chest will take the same time, while the men will need someone to help with the back hair removal.

The rotine: Continue laser treatment twice a month for the first 3 months, then treat once a month for the next 3–5 months until the hair stops growing back.

Preparing The Skin Before Each Treatment

It is advised a day or two before the Tria laser treatment to shave the skin and apply some lotion. This helps the surface of the hair to be cut and clean ready for the laser beam to be absorbed.

For Best TRIA Laser Home System Results Avoid:

  • Do not wax before a laser treatment, waxing pulls the hair from the root, and the laser has nothing to be absorbed at..
  • For the same reason do not bleach or dye the hair to a lighter color – this will cause the hair to be too light to be suitable for laser treatment.
  • On the other hand avoid tanning so the skin-hair contrast stays at the maximum level possible. Remember you will get a hair free body when the hair is dark and the skin tone is light.
  • Pregnant women or breastfeeding – Should not use the Tria laser hair removal system, women’s change in hormones might effect the skin sensitivity.


How Long Till TRIA Hair Removal Treatment is Complete ?

Many people forget that hair grows in cycles and you can only ever completely destroy a hair follicle when it is in the active stage of growth. That’s what the TRIA or any other laser treatments, even the expensive ones at the clinic or med Spa have to be done again and again.

This multiple sessions is what is making the clinics laser treatments so expensive !  It takes up to 8-12 sessions to cover hair growth at 6 month ($200 each..) and if you wish to remove hair from more than one body part than these sessions can sum up to a very deep hole in your bank account..

Using TRIA Laser Hair Removal SystemBecause only about 1/3 of your hair is in this growth stage at any one time, it is likely that you will initially experience some regrowth. This is where you might see disappointing reviews “6 month with TRIA and still have hair growing..” However, over time if you follow the treatment plan, you will catch all the hair follicles in the active phase of growth and over time they will all be destroyed… and you will be hairless free forever.

The best advice is just to be patience and stick to your treatment schedule. Begin at home within a few days. Buy the NEW 4X TRIA Laser hair removal.


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