How to Make Hair NOT Grow Back

How To Stop Body Hair Growth

When coming to determine which is the best way to stop hair from growing back, you need to understand, hair growth is a natural thing which is part of the body cycles. How to Make Hair NOT Grow Back? Every hair grows from a hair cell which is inside the skin, once the hair cell (called the papilla) is destroyed, hair will not grow back.

Shaving, waxing and epilation are temporary hair removal methods, all of them remove the hair from the skin surface, or rip it out of the hair shaft. Non of these methods are permanent ways to stop hair growth. The effect of shaving is a few days (depends on your hair growth), epilating will tear the hair and waxing can pull the hair all the way from the roots.

Is there a way to make hair not grow back? Yes! There are ways to destroy the papilla and eliminate the future growth of the hair. The main ways are by electric current (electrolysis) or by light-heat (laser or IPL) read below how you can make hair stop growing back at home without expensive hair removal clinics.

Stopping Hair Growth With Laser

How to make hair stop growing back with laser
The NEW Tria Laser hair Removal

The most common way to make hair not grow back, is to heat the papilla (hair root) until it is incapable to produce any more hairs. This is done with laser beam pulses, which when struck the dark hair to heat and if the hair is connected to the root (Anagen stage) the heat will reach all the way down and cause damage to the papilla.

Using laser to make hair not grow back, can be done at ‘hair removal clinics’ (may cost $1200-$2000) or at home with home laser systems like the TRIA laser. Buy a NEW Tria Laser 4X Device From Amazon.

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The best candidates for such home procedure are people with dark hair (high melanin) and light skin color. The cons for such laser treatments are the procedure is slightly painful (uncomfortable, like a rubber band snap) and slow. It takes an hour treatment to make the hair not grow back on legs. And sessions must be repeated 4-6 times every two weeks.

Make Hair Not Grow Back With IPL

how to Make hair never grow again with IPL
Silk n Sensepil + IPL lamp

The IPL is Intense Pulse Light – It is the same procedure like laser, where the light heats up the hair, and the heat destroys the root, causing the hair to stop growing again. The dark hair turns the light into heat when the intense flashes of light absorb at the dark melanin hair cells.

IPL is used also at ‘hair removal centers’ where it costs thousands of dollars to make the hairs stop growing back. Both IPL and Laser centers (even expensive hair removal centers) can not guarantee 100% hair removal no matter what they say… No one can promise 100% stopping hair growth with laser or IPL. Even the FDA requests a disclosure of permanent hair reduction (not removal!).

You can make most of the hair stop growing back with home IPL or ELOS systems. Home IPL systems main advantage is that the treatment is less painful and much faster than Laser. The leading IPL system today is the Silk’n SensEpil Home Removal System ($550) and a low cost IPL system is Remington IPL Home i-Light Pro ($250).

Using ELOS Technology to Stop Hair Grow

Make hair not grow back with Me My Elos Syneron
The new ELOS Hair Removal FACIAL Hair Removal KIT

Most exclusive IPL hair clinics will be using Syneron’s ELOS technology machines. The ELOS technology is using two methods working together in synergy, to eliminate the hair growth. The ELOS devices use IPL + RF hair removal. First the IPL heats the hair in the follicle then the RF (radio frequency) which is an extra energy heats the pre-heated hair till it is eliminated.

The only way to use the ELOS technology is at the premium hair removal centers or with the home Me-my-Elos IPL + RF hair removal. The advantage of ELOS hair removal  is that it is faster than IPL and less painful! Another advantage of the home ELOS system is that ELOS facial hair removal can be done, (laser and IPL facial hair removals at home are not permitted).

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How to Make Hair NEVER Grow Back

Make Hair Never Grow Back Again With Electrolysis
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There is a way to make the hair never grow back! this way is using electrolysis. With a thin needle inserted to each and every hair shaft, and electric current is pulsed. The electric current heats the root papilla and destroys it, with near to 100% success stopping hair growing back.

Electrolysis is a very slow procedure, which is done usually at hair removal clinics. Electrolysis is usually done for small skin areas like armpits, bikini line or facial hair removal. If you want to make hair not to grow back on small skin parts of your body, you can use a home electrolysis kit ($40) for this purpose.


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