Is Philips Lumea IPL Safe For Facial Use?

Facial Hair Removal With Philips Lumea IPL

The answer to the question “Is Philips Lumea IPL Safe For Facial Use?” may not be as simple as we would like it to be. There are aspects, we will clear out, and it will be up to you to decide if you wish to use it.

If you look at the Philips Lumea Comfort IPL official user manual, you will be able to read that:

Facial Philips hair removalSo this may be the official answer to the question.

But as mentioned above, the answer is not that simple. Part of the FDA clearance for home hair removal systems maybe that the manufacturer announce officially that the device is not meant for facial hair removal.

But, people buy these hair removal systems to remove hair from facial areas too. So except for this official statement in the user manual, facial hair removal is mentioned everywhere else, as a way of possible usage of the device.

For example at the official website, you will see at the specification tab, this explanation of body areas which can be treated by the same Lumea IPL device:

Facial Philips Lumea IPL hair removalSo?

Is it approved or not approved? Recommended or NOT recommend?

IPL Facial Hair Removal Safety

Is IPL safe for facial use? It’s safe as long as you follow strict safety procedures.

  • Stay away from the eyes.
  • Do not treat eyebrows with IPL.
  • Do not treat over facial pigmented areas (moles).
  • Lips are pigmented too, watch out when zapping the upper lip.
  • Use the minimal energy level for face.
  • Use white pencil to cover lips or moles.
  • Cool facial skin with ice packs, before/ after IPL.

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL facial hair removalThese safety tips are relevant to any IPL you may be using at home, for facial use.

Most of them will have the same official disapproval recommending NOT to use the device on facial skin. And you will see in the item’s brochure a pretty woman using the same device on her face. Just like this image from the Philips Lumea IPL site.

Many users have been using the Philips IPL for their facial hair reduction needs. You can click over to Amazon to see their customer reviews on this item, and Q & A about the facial use.

Unlike other devices this device has a rather small treatment window (2.7 cm²) which is perfect for a precise facial treatment. Other devices have a larger window (3-6 cm²) which means it’s they are more clumsy and dangerous for facial hair treatents.