Can I Treat Myself With Laser Hair Removal If I have Tan Skin?

Treat Tan Skin With Laser Hair Removal At Home

Tanned Skin Laser hair RemovalOne of the most asked questions is “Can I Treat Myself With Laser Hair Removal If I have Tan Skin?”. Questions like these should be asked because people know that laser and dark or tanned skin are like ‘oil & water’, they should not be mixed.

But technology does rush forward, and things change. There are solutions today for those who want to do laser hair removal at home, and have tan skin.

If your skin has been tanned recently, you probably should not do laser hair removal right after the tanning. Wait 1-2 month and let the skin recover from the tanning. Tanning means the body was absorbing too much light and had to defend it self by adding pigment to the skin.

Hair Removal Safe on Tan Skin

Tan skin can be a seasonal tan from sun exposure, it can be the natural skin tone color, which is common for many global nations like Latin skin, Indian Skin, Native American skin, Middle Eastern skin and more.. All these skin types have a dense melanin production in their skin which makes the dark tan pigment.

Doing laser hair removal at home, is safer nowadays than 10 years ago. The most advanced breakthrough, belongs to the Israeli innovative company Syneron. They have the Patent for the ELOS hair removal technology, which combines laser (IPL) and RF (radio frequency) waves.

Me my ELOS For Hair Removal Over  Tanned Skin

Me ELOS NEW Pro Ultra For Tan SkinThe newest model of the Me my ELOS – PRO ULTRA has the approval of the FDA for treating over dark skin! It is the ONLY home device which has been approved for such treatments by the FDA.

The device is using less light and more RF to create the heat needed to disable the hair growth. When less light is used, there is no risk for dark skin to get heated or burned. Regular Laser or IPL need higher light energy to reach the same efficiency levels.

Faster Better Safer – Me my ELOS – PRO ULTRA

The ELOS technology is widely spread mainly in professional clinics. It is safe and well known to dermatologist who use it for many kinds of aesthetics procedures, laser hair removal is only one of them.

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We wish we could name even one con for this device, but it’s nearly perfect. The Me system has a new IPL cartridge with an enormous amount of flashes 120,000!! By far more value for money than other devices, which require buying new cartridges when the 1500 pulses are over..

Me My Elos Syneron PRO ULTRA

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