Home RF Wrinkles Remover System – FDA Approved

Radio Frequency Wrinkle Removal Technology

The new 3Deep system by EndyMed was approved lately by the FDA for home use. This is wonderful news for millions of people who would like to have their skin wrinkles and fine lines treated at a fraction of a cost. The new 3Deep technology is a new RF (radio frequency) technology harnessed for the aesthetic industry.

EndyMed is an Israeli based company, who’s scientists have prove once again the dominance of Israeli technology in the bio-med industry.

Some of the leading technologies have been invented in Israel or by Israeli companies. The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light hair removal) and the ELOS (Electro Optical Synergy) hair removal have been both invented by Israeli scientists. Now the new Fractional Skin Resurfacing Applicator – 3Deep is adding to the proud line of advanced home systems which will makes our lives better, smoother and at a lower cost than beauty salon treatments.

The RF technology is used by the Syneron’s Me my ELOS  as a superior technology for home hair removal. Because RF (radio frequency) does not use light energy it is safer to use over dark skin and even black skin tones. Laser hair removal devices, and laser skin resurfacing systems can not be used on black skin, because the light turns to heat when in contact with the black pigment.

Now EndyMed has managed to get the FDA approval for their 3Deep RF technology.


 While many can imagine or have seen how laser based technology treats wrinkles, many do not know how does a RF feels like. Well it’s radio waves, no light, no color, no smell. The RF cause warm sensation over the skin. No zapping or skin burns like laser.

EndyMed has more about the 3Deep treament:

3DEEP is designed for patient comfort. Most patients describe treatment as a ‘warm massage’. The handpiece is gently massaged over the treatment area in a circular motion and slowly warms as it delivers energy deep into the skin. 3DEEP treatment is typically repeated on each area six additional times. Your skin temperature will be monitored during treatment. Treatment may last 30-45 minutes depending on the area. Read more..


RF Technology Home Use

The Radio Frequency  is used to transfer energy to lower skin layers. The controlled RF transfer the exact amount of heat to the exact layer in the skin where collagen is produced.

Deep heating causes the skin to contract and tighten while stimulating new collagen production, bringing fresh new skin to the surface. Collagen production continues long after treatment to further tighten skin and yield a youthful skin appearance long term. 3DEEP also facilitates smooth skin by improving blood flow, promoting breakdown of fatty deposits and promoting drainage of retained fluids within your skin.

It will take a while until the new 3Deep system will be available for sale on Amazon. But soon the wrinkle resurfacing treatments which cost thousands of dollars at the beauty salons and dermatologist clinics, will be replaced by home wrinkle treatments. Easy, safe and cost effective.

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