Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Grey Hair? YES! Read How to Do It

How To Remove Grey Hair With Laser

Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Grey Hair? Yes, grey hair can be effectively treated by laser. A well known fact is that laser hair removal is non efficient on grey hair. In this review you will learn how to do a very efficient laser hair removal at home, even if you have grey hair you want to remove.

The hair turns grey for most people between the age of 45-60. At this age, the melanin production in the hair cells slows down or evens stops completely. The head hair becomes grey at the sideburns and white strings begin to show here and there. The same happens at the body hair, where white hairs begin to appear on the chest and pubic, later to become all grey.

Senior people, with grey hair have the same desires to be smooth and hair free as much as the young people around them. In many cases people who have not been so much aware of their unwanted hair, have found out it disturbs them. This can happen if the kids have grown up and left the house, or after a divorce and a chance to open a new chapter in life.

Laser Hair Removal Is Possible On Grey Hair

When it comes to laser or IPL hair removal, the regular way it works is that the light energy needs the dark melanin in the hair (dark hair color) to turn into heat. The most common answer for people with grey hair would be “Sorry! laser is not a suitable hair removal method for you”. Not only that, but laser is considered dangerous on grey hair, because the light is not absorbed by the hair melanin, but by the skin cell melanin, which can cause the skin to heat (instead of the hair) resulting in skin burns.

How To Remove Grey Hair With Laser

There is a new technology called ELOS which is approved by the FDA for grey hair removal. The ELOS is the only technology approved for grey hair removal at home. Laser and IPL are not approved for treating grey hair, and using them can cause skin burns and scarring as explained above.

The ELOS system is called Me Pro Ultra, and it uses IPL with RF (radio frequency) to heat the hairs. The radio energy is “color blind” and does not need the pigment to create heat, thus it is perfect for grey and white hair removal.

Watch this clip to see the ELOS light and radio energy work in synergy.

 Me my ELOS For Grey Hair Removal

ELOS pro ultra for grey senior hairThe current solution for seniors and people with grey hair for a cost effective treatment is using the Me my ELOS at home.

Removing grey hair is not as simple as removing dark hair, the ELOS technology can achieve great results for permanent reduction, for people with dark hair.

The alternative for seniors to ELOS is to do laser or ELOS hair removal at a professional clinic, which may cost thousands of dollars more.

Further more unlike people with dark hair who are required to shave before the ELOS treatment, people with grey hair are required to epilate the skin by an epilator. The main difference is that by using an epilator, tiny blood spots appear where the hair was plucked. These red spots attract the IPL light and are heated and the RF warms them even more until the hair bulb is disabled.

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Senior need to follow the precise schedule and treatment plan for maximizing their chance for success. Doing the treatments at the correct cycle, and not missing treatments.



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