DM9050 Laser Hair Removal Machine Review

DM9050 Laser Hair Removal System Review

DM9050 Laser Hair Removal System ReviewThe NEW Avance DM9050 Professional Salon Laser Epilator has been released lately (2012) for home and professional laser hair removal treatments. The new Avance DM9050 laser hair removal system, is an upgraded offer to the DM9000 laser hair removal system which was released last year (2011).

When reviewing the features and specs of the DM9050 laser epilator machine they are exactly the same as the DM9000 professional hair removal laser machine. Biotechnique Avance which is the manufacturer of the DM9050 laser system has a wide variety of systems for laser hair removal, most of which are for home use.


DM9050 Laser System For Beauty Salons

The DM9050 laser system is a perfect system for small med spas and beauty salons. Unlike a home system which only one person uses, the DM9050 is designed to be used on many clients for thousands of treatments. Here are the main advantages of the DM9050 as a laser hair reduction machine for small hair removal businesses.

The small lightweight laser wand – The light weight laser wand, is perfect for a professional laser technician, who needs to work with it all day long for hours.

Electric powered – The DM9050 machine is electric powered, so there are no downtimes for recharging (like the TRIA laser).

The pinpoint laser tip – This can be an advantage when working on a clients eyebrows. The DM9050 can be used for other delicate hair removal needs such as lip contour or treating around tattoos. (NEVER try to treat your own eyebrows with laser!!)

Digital laser pulse counter – The DM9050 laser hair removal system has a digital pulse counter, this is very important for businesses who needs to monitor the usage of the systems, or for a business who outsources the machine for freelance workers.

Key to lock system – The system can be locked by key to prevent unauthorized usage. This can be useful for people who work at clinics with time sharing, and do not want others to use their machine. The key can be used for home use to prevent children messing around with it, and accidental pulsing laser at the eyes.

Long lasting laser machine – The DM9050 professional laser system is designed for 5000 hours of continuous use (about 3-5 years). This makes it a suitable for hair removal businesses, who can use it hundreds of treatments to leverage the investment cost.

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DM9050 Professional Laser Epilation System

The main advantage of the DM9050 laser device is the high repetition rate, which allows it to pulse at a very high rate. While the TRIA can emit a beam every 2-3 seconds, the DM9050 laser epilation machine can treat skin with dense hair three times faster.

DM9050 Professional Laser Epilation DeviceThis is an important factor for professional treatment needs, which usually charge clients by treatment area. The DM9050 can pulse beam at high rates, which means it can complete skin coverage faster. So instead of a client lying for an hour, the clients can be treated in 30 minutes! And more clients can be treated each day.

The DM9050 laser system has a powerful beam of 9000mW (the same beam as the DM9000). The device produces 808nm (nano meter) wavelength which is the standard laser wavelength of all home laser systems (TRIA laser treats at the same wavelength).

The DM9050 has the same energy projected as the DM9000, which is 150 joules per cm² of laser spot. This is a very high treatment laser, the TRIA laser has ‘only’ 24 joules per cm². Higher energy means more light at lower skin levels, which contributes to better hair epilation.

The DM9050 can be used on skin types 1-4 like all home laser systems.

The DM9050 device is a semiconductor laser diode (which means the laser speeds up inside a diode) the manufacturer says it will function for This is an advantage for a Med-Spa or hair clinic salon, which wants to invest in a system with long lasting treatment ability. For the home user a machine needs to have 90 days for bi-weekly or monthly treatments.

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DM9050 System Not For Home Use

In our opinion the DM9050 laser is not a safe system for home use, by an untrained client. If you are not a Med Spa or a Beauty Salon, then the DM9050 is probably not for you. The system specs and features are perfect for a small home clinic but not for personal use. For personal usage buy the DM6050 or the TRIA laser.

The system does not have the common safety measures and safety sensors, which can be found at other home hair removal systems. There is no skin-tone sensor lock which will prevent the system to emit laser on dark skin, and there is no skin-touch sensor which will prevent an accidental pulse to toward the eyes.

Unless you plan to treat someone else, for your own safety, if you wish to do home hair removal with laser purchase the TRIA laser for home personal treatments. One mistake with the DM9050 and you can get severe eye damage and even blindness! Leave this system for the professionals who treat others!

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