SDL 50 Laser Hair Removal Review (+Video)

SDL-50 Professional Laser Epilation System

The SDL-50 Professional Laser Epilation System is not a system for personal or home use. This system is intended for home hair removal business, salon, medical spa or Doctor’s office. The system is designed and manufactured by Biotechnique Avance which is a world wide leader in Semiconductor Diode Laser (SDL) hair removal systems.

SDL-50 Laser Energy Review

The SDL-50 laser hair removal is one of the powerful lasers a salon or med-spa can use for long lasting permanent hair reduction treatments. The SDL-50 has a very laser energy level, which is incomparable to any of the home devices.

The laser light is measured in Joules which is the single unit for light energy. While home IPL systems use up to 5 Joules per cm², and home lasers use up to 24-96 Joules per cm² (TRIA laser – DM6000), the SDL-50 has 130 joules per cm squared.

High Joule count means higher heat is produced when the melanin absorbs the light at the skin. This means more effective treatments and better results!

SDL-50 Laser Optional Treatments

The SDL50 laser can react with the upper Epidermis layer and be used for treating other kinds of skin situations such as:

  • Laser resurfacing – A general term which means upper skin layers are removed by laser.
  • Wrinkle reduction – Laser can vaporize skin tissue to improve wrinkles.
  • Age spot removal – Laser can remove acne scarring and pigmented skin spots.
  • Tattoo removal (on black ink) – Upper Epidermis cells are removed with black ink skin cells too.

This makes the SDL-50 Professional Laser Epilation System a very versatile system for the home business and Med-Spa center. It can be used for hair removal and for many other skin treatment solutions frequently needed.

SDL-50 Laser System Features Review

SDL50 Standard Laser Hair Removal Epilation SystemLaser Beam Size – The SDL-50 has a beam size of 15mm-wide beam. Unlike some other lasers which have a pinpoint beam, a wide beam allows faster sessions, and better coverage of treated skin.

Laser Rate Switch – The SDL-50 has an emitter rate switch that can be used to speed up the laser rate. When professionally used the rate can be adjusted according to the energy level used, so the maximum energy is emitted without the discomfort for the patient.

Laser Energy Level – The SDL-50 device gives the partitioner the option to lower the energy level used. If the patient feels uncomfortable when treating sensitive skin areas, lower levels can be considered, with a higher pulse rate for fast and effective hair removal sessions.

Safety Lock – The machine comes with a key-lock, so it can be disabled when not in use. This is important for those who have other people (or children) around. When the machine is locked no harm or accidents can occur.

Pulse Counter – Because the system is designed for the professional user and medical spa clinics, a pulse counter and reset option are available. Reset the system when treating one leg, and reset before beginning the other leg. The laser counter will indicate how many pulses have been used.

SDL-50 Laser Hair Removal Instruction Video


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SDL50 Standard Laser Epilation System


(In the box: 2 protective goggles, 150 ml carbon dye, epilation tweezers and instruction booklet) ***************************************************************

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