Is Viss Hair Removal System Worth Your Money

Viss IPL Hair Removal Device Review

Check here Viss hair removal IPL system review. One hair removal device which seems to be over looked by many customers is the VISS hair removal system. It arrived to the US customers later than other hair removal devices, and though the VISS Beauty IPL reviews are pretty good, most customers check other systems which have a better brand recognition than the Viss.

VISS Beauty IPL Hair Removal Technology

Viss is an IPL (intense pulsed light) technology hair removal device. We will not explain the whole IPL hair removal process check here if you need to learn more on IPL and laser hair removal.

Viss IPL is not battery charged so it can work continuously until the treatment is over without any charging timeouts (like the TRIA laser). Viss is portable and reusable, so you can use it anywhere in your home, and reuse it again and again when ever the hair grows back.

In our review this is very important the IPL system will be cord connected, so the customer can use it by their own free time without any down times. The Viss IPL has a disposable cartridge so it can be reused over and over when the need is relevant.

Viss IPL Device Design Review

The Viss Beauty IPL is a nice looking device. One of it’s advantages is that it is unisex. In our review the Viss IPL can fit men and women users alike. Men users did not want to buy the pink hair removal system of Silk’n SensEpil even though it was awarded the best hair removal systems for 2011. Buying and using a pink or hot red IPL will make most men feel.. Gay. Syneron has bypassed the same issue with a light blue hair removal machine (Me ELOS) which will not intimidate men..

VISS IPL Hair Removal Review

The Viss IPL hair removal device has nice elegant black and white colors. The smooth arch and the nest of the Viss hand applicator are designed enough so women would be attracted to it too.

Viss IPL Hair Removal Customer Review

Another Customer’s Review of  The Viss IPL

Here is another Viss IPL hair removal review which was given by a user who have tried it for one month (2 treatments 2 weeks a part). The Viss IPL review partly results because the treatment was not over yet. 

Our Initial Thoughts

The system does what it advertises it to do. Obviously, the results will vary person to person. So far, we are pleased with the results that have been achieved after only 2 treatments. At the moment, we are getting results which are “patchy”. We can clearly see that some areas, the hair growth is normal as if it has received no treatment at all. But we can also see patches where the hair growth is still in the ‘stubble’ phase meaning the hair is only now starting to appear even though it was shaved 2 weeks prior. So it’s obviously working. And we’ve also  noticed that there are also areas where there is hair growth but the hair appears to be more fine. We look forward to seeing the results in the coming weeks and months. Read more..

Viss Hair Removal Treatment Review

 The Viss beauty hair removal treatment is very similar to all other IPL hair removal devices (except the Me my ELOS). The user has to pre-shave before the treatments so the hairs will not be treated outside of the skin.

The Viss IPL can be used on any part of the body (for facial use below the cheekbone line) arms, legs, bikini, abdominal, back and chest.

Set the energy level to the max level (1-8 levels) for most effective treatment. Use the highest level for the most effective treatment, move to lower levels when treating sensitive skin areas like the lower abdominal and upper thighs.

Treatments should be set 2 weeks apart and done 4-6 times to cover all hair growth cycles.

Viss IPL permanent hair removal review

Viss IPL home hair removal reviews

Viss Device Specs Review

Though Viss proudly compare the wide 6 cm² window to laser devices which have a pin-point beam, the 3X2 IPL window is a standard in the IPL machines.

The pulse rate of the Viss IPL hair removal can pulse 1 flash per 3.5 seconds, which is quite slow! Other IPL systems have a higher pulse rate which mean a faster treatment. Even the TRIA laser has managed to improve its pulse rate to 1 pulse each 2.5 seconds. The Me my ELOS hair removal has a dazzling rate of 2 pulses each second!

Viss IPL disposable cartridge  has 4000 flashes which is enough for a 2-3 full body treatment (arms, legs, bikini, armpits). 4000 flash shots is very generous for an home IPL lamp, most IPL systems have less shots per cartridge, Remington IPL has 1500, and Silk’n SensEpil has 750 flashes. The only system which has more flashes than the Viss IPL is the Me my ELOS  which has 5400 flashes.

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Is Viss IPL Worth Your Money

There are some alternative IPL systems which cost less than the Viss Beauty IPL. The most comparable IPL device to the Viss IPL beauty is the Silk’n SensEpil IPL which both cost $400-$500. When comparing their specs the Viss IPL is superior in most of the specs.

  • The Viss IPL pulse rate is higher.
  • The Viss has 8 energy levels compared to 5 in the Silk’n.
  • The Viss IPL has more flashes per cartridge (4000 vs 750).
  • The Viss IPL device has disposable cartridges  for skin rejuvenation (sold separately) which adds extra value to the machine.
  • Viss IPL is delivered with the safety glasses, for improved eye protection.

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With these in mind, there is no doubt that the Viss IPL device is a high value for money (more than the Silk’n in our opinion). For your hard earned bucks the Viss IPL is a fine investment. It will serve you for long month of hair free body.

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