Recovery From a Home Laser Hair Removal

Tips For Skin Recovery After Home Hair Removal

In this post you will learn about skin recovery after a home hair removal treatment. Part of the success in home hair removal treatments is the recovery process after each treatment is over. In fact the things you do between your hair removal treatments have a  greater impact on the laser side effects and for skin cancer.

Laser devices such as the TRIA laser system have a higher energy pulse than IPL machines. So after laser hair removal at home expect a longer recovery for the skin. IPL skin recovery is usually faster because the side effects are milder. 

Recovery From Laser Hair Removal Redness

Using light energy to produce heat is an effective and safe way to remove unwanted hair growth. The heat which is produced by the reaction of the dark mater (hair) and the light energy, destroys the hair bulb and cause the hair to grow thin and weak, or not to grow at all. This causes a permanent hair reduction of the natural hair growth at the desired treated area.

If you are the proper candidate for that specific home system, the side effects will be mild. But heat can cause redness, soreness and slight skin burns too. These are regular side effects you may expect each time you do laser hair removal at home.  Here are some tips for skin recovery after a laser hair removal treatment.

Cool The Skin – Keep the skin cool by placing a soaked wet towel over the treated area. Between your laser treatment sessions put the towel in the fridge, it will feel refreshing cold over heated skin.

Keep Skin Clean – The laser treatment can cause tiny red skin spots, rinse skin well to prevent any infections.

No Body Lotions – Most body lotions, deodorants and perfumes have some chemical ingredients. With so many tiny red spots do not rub any body creams for 24 hours. Let the body recover for 12-24 hours before you return to use creams, balms, perfumes and deodorants.

Calm The Skin – Because the skin might be red and sore after a laser hair removal treatment, part of your recovery would be to use non-alcohol Aloe-Vera gels. For the next 12 hours after the treatment apply Aloe Vera gel, to calm the irritated skin.

Recovery Tips To Prevent Skin Cancer

Recovery After Home Laser Hair RemovalNo Direct Sun Light – Avoid direct sun light for 72 hours! Yes, stay away from direct sun light for three days. The number one cause for skin cancer, is the sun. After a laser hair removal treatment, the body has absorbed thousand percent more light than it usually does. The natural melanin production might be in temporary ‘shock’ direct sun light may trigger more severe side effects than you expect. Walk in the shade, sit in the shade.

Wear Long Sleeve Clothes – UVB rays can be blocked by long sleeve clothes. Wear a long skirt or trunk to cover your legs from direct sunlight. It will keep the UVB rays away. Wear a hat and sunglasses to lower the amount of light your body absorbs.

Use UVA & UVB Sun Block Creams – The UVB sun rays are easy to be blocked, once you are in the shade you are protected from the UVB rays (those are the tanning rays). But even if you are in the shade, you are still absorbing UVA light (UVA disappear only at night). SPF sunscreen does not protect from UVA rays. For the weeks between your laser hair removal sessions – Use total sun block creams. Only these creams block both UVA & UVB  ultra-violet rays.

Hair Removal Recovery Conclusion

If you follow these guidelines you will be safe from unwanted side effects after home hair removal treatments. Most home systems today are totally safe if you are the right candidate. If the laser treatment you do is too painful, and you can not stand the pain , than lower the energy level.

Do not numb the skin before a laser hair removal treatment at home, the pain is a good indicator for you, to avoid severe injuries. It should be felt as fast snaps of a rubber band over skin, if you can not stand the pain, then the energy level is probably too high..

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