Anesthetic/Numbing Cream For Tria Laser

Using Anesthetic/Numbing With Tria Laser

Many women write at forums that when using their Tria laser hair removal, the pain levels at sensitive skin areas reach the levels they are dying from pains. Using anesthetic or numbing cream for Tria Laser can reduce the pain level, and allow to proceed with an effective treatment. But you must know that using anesthetic or numbing for Tria Laser has some medical side effects, on which the FDA has released a safety warning. Read below all about using a numbing cream for a Tria laser hair removal treatment.

TRIA Laser and Pain Level

Anesthetic Numbing Cream For Tria Laser

Before using the Tria laser you should know there are other ways to reduce the pain level. Here are some guidelines to reduce the pain felt during a Tria laser hair removal session.

1. Use Ice – Using ice to cool the skin, can reduce the heat zapping on of the laser. Placing an ice pack before and right after treating a skin area, will reduce the unpleasant sensation. Ice can numb the skin too, when placed for a few seconds on the same spot.

2. Reduce the Energy Level – The Tria laser has 5 energy levels, in which the highest level emits an energy of 24 joules per cm². When treating sensitive skin, like bikini line, pubic or upper thighs, reduce the level to 2-3 the zap will be less warm.

3. Follow Tria Instructions – Pain is felt when treating areas which are not permitted for the Tria laser. People treat vaginal hairs, or hair on ears, or between the eyes… all those are FORBIDDEN and extremely dangerous!! Use other methods.

4. During Menstruation – The increase in hormones during (and just before) menstruation can cause the skin to become even more sensitive and the Tria laser treatments more painful then they are at other days. Plan your treatment schedule with laser to avoid those days.

Anesthetic Creams For Tria Laser

Topical Anesthetics FDA Warning

Before you run to use a topical anesthetics cream you must be aware that due to some fatal incidents, in which women have died using overdose of topical anesthetic creams, the FDA has issued a warning to:

  • Use only FDA approved topical anesthetic creams,
  • Prefer creams which have the least amount of active numbing,
  • Use it only on small skin areas,
  • Do not wrap your skin to get the cream absorbed ‘better’,
  • If you are treated by medicine check with your doctor beforehand.

How To Use Numbing Creams For Tria Laser

How To Use Topical Numbing Creams For Tria Laser
LidoCream 4% Topical Anesthetic Cream Lidocaine 4%

There is no need to get into panic because of this warning, just to use the numbing cream for TRIA laser in a sensible way.

The topical anesthetic creams need about 30-40 minutes to numb the skin, so plan your treatment, which must include the shaving, drying the skin applying the numbing gel half an hour before the actual treatment.

Apply the topical anesthetic cream only on areas which you plan to treat with the TRIA at the same session. For example do not cover both legs, because each leg will require an hour anyway and by the time you reach the second leg, you will need to apply more.. Remember the TRIA has ‘battery low’ downtimes for charging so you will need to breakdown the treatment to multiple sessions.

Do not apply on skin areas you can stand the discomfort, or reduce the energy level or use an ice pack. For those small specific areas use the numbing gel.

If you need a numbing cream for your Tria Laser treatment, here are two topical anesthetic creams from Amazon:

LidoCream 4 Topical Anesthetic Cream, Lidocaine 4%  ($29.5)

TOPICAINE 5%- Lidocaine Gel (113 grams) Topical Anesthetic with Lidocaine 5% ($92) Note that this cream has 5% active numbing Lidocaine. While the first one has 4% active Lidocaine.

Tria Laser and Numbing Cream Conclusion

Note, these tips are also relevant for any other home hair removal, IPL or other laser. The DM7000 laser hair removal system, has an even higher level of energy than the Tria laser, so it is expected to be more effective but more painful too. The only hair removal system, which is nearly painless is the Me my ELOS hair removal, which uses the ELOS technology that is more advanced, safe and less painful than IPL or laser.

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