All On Topical Numbing Creams For IPL Hair Removal

Anesthetic / Numbing Creams For IPL

All about anesthetic numbing creams for IPL treatments. The most popular hair removal systems for home use are the IPL systems. These use a strong intense flash to heat the hairs and cause the hair removal process to begin. The flash of light turns dark matter (hairs) to heat, which destroys the hair bulb causing hair to cease growing in the next growth cycle.

The heat sensation can be managed by most users, but some might feel it very uncomfortable and painful. When using the IPL systems there are some ways to reduce the pain one of which is to use anesthetic or numbing creams for IPL treatments. Check here if you wish to read about numbing creams for the TRIA laser or other laser systems.

IPL Systems and Pain Levels

IPL Hair Removal Anesthetic Numbing Creams
'Me My Elos' Hair Removal

Numbing creams can be used with most of the IPL systems such as: Silk’n SensEpil, Viss Beauty, Remington IPL6000USA, Silk’n Flash n’ Go and others.. Since they all use the same IPL technology, with the same energy levels of 3-4 joules per cm² of skin.

There is one more IPL system which stands out from the rest and that is the Me my ELOS, which uses the advanced ELOS technology, which is nearly painless and their users rarely use any numbing cream, because the hair removal treatments are a breeze. The Me my ELOS hair removal has 9 joules per cm² of skin, but they are treated by a IPL + RF which is totally painless Radio Frequency wave!

Topical Anesthetic Creams For IPL

You must know that Topical Anesthetic Creams which are used to numb the skin before IPL hair removal treatments have medical side effects which in some cases when used wrong, can cause fatal consciences. If the topical active substance reaches the blood in high levels, it can cause heartbeat disorders and other fatal side effects. So use them wisely.

IPL and Numbing Gel Guidelines

Do not cover large skin areas with topical anesthetic creams. Use the numbing cream only on locations which you have tried the IPL and the pain is unbearable. For example do not cover the whole leg with numbing cream if the IPL pain is unbearable at the bikini-line and between the legs.

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Topical Numbing Creams For IPL Hair Removal
LidoCream 4% Topical Anesthetic Cream Lidocaine 4%

Never wrap anything over a skin which has topical anesthetic applied on it. This will cause more anesthetics to reach the bloodstream.

You need to wait 30-40 minutes before the skin gets numb. Do not reapply again and again, be patient.

Never use an anesthetic numbing cream on broken or injured skin (more of it will reach the bloodstream!)

If you have pre-shaved for the IPL treatment, make sure there are no nicks and cuts. If you want a smooth pubic without cuts) use a shaver for private parts like the CleanCut shaver.

If the IPL hair removal pain is causing you discomfort, reduce the IPL energy setting. Most systems like the Silk’n, Viss, Remington and Me my ELOS IPL have 5-8 energy level settings.

Order: LidoCream 4 Topical Anesthetic Cream, Lidocaine 4%

Pain will be felt more when treating dark skin complexions. Because the melanin in the skin will absorb some of the light intended for the hair. If you have a dark skin (not black) most IPL systems might be rather painful for you. The best system for dark skin is the ME MY ELOS, which part of the energy used is a RF wave, which does not heat dark skin.

Women should know that the skin becomes more sensitive to pain during their menstruation due to hormonal changes. So it is common that women feel the IPL hair removal is more painful at these days.

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