10 Tips on Laser Hair Removal Anesthetic Numbing Creams

Laser Hair Removal Numbing Creams

Here are 10 tips for using Laser Hair Removal Anesthetic Numbing Creams at home. It is known that laser hair removal can be quite painful for many people. The pain is caused because laser epilation systems like the TRIA laser or the DM7000 laser can cause a painful snap at each pulse of laser.

The pain is caused because when the light reaches the dark hair, it turns into heat, and burns the hair down the follicle and destroys the hair bulb. During a laser hair removal, hundreds of zaps are needed to cover all the skin which is treated. To reduce the pain of the laser hair removal, many people use anesthetic numbing creams and gels.

Those anesthetic numbing creams and gels can cause fatal side effects when not used correctly! Many people have found themselves in the ER after using topical anesthetic for their cosmetic procedures – Some of these people have died! Topical anesthetic are used widely with over the counter (OTC) creams and gels. Many people use numbing creams also for reducing pain caused by waxing, epilating or electrolysis.

Here are your 10 tips for using topical anesthetic creams for laser hair removal (or other hair removal methods):

1. Follow The Anesthetic Cream Instructions Carefuly

Each  topical anesthetic cream has it’s own safety booklet, which explains how it should be used, what are the side effects, and who should not use the cream. Not so long ago two women who have used topical anesthetic creams  have died after misusing the creams!

2. Use Topical Anesthetic Gels Only When Nessessary

Plan your treatments ahead, know which part of the body you are about to treat. Some skin areas are not as sensitive as others and the zapping discomfort is bearable. Do not apply numbing creams as if they were body lotions. If the area about to be treated is not delicate, skip the numbing gel.

3. Use a Small Amounts Of Numbing Cream

When topical anesthetic drugs reach the bloodstream, they can cause severe side effects and even death. The way to reduce such a risk, is to use only a small amount, which is sufficient to numb the skin before the laser treatment. Some of those who had severe reactions applied thick layers of numbing cream which later was absorbed into their blood.

4. Apply Numbing Cream On Small Skin Surfaces

Apply the numbing creams only on skin surfaces which are super-sensitive. Sensitive areas for laser hair removal can be: inner thighs, lower abdominal, pubic or vagina laser hair removal. Rub the gel only on the locations being treated (see tip no’ 2).

5. Use Creams With The Lowest Level Of Topical Anesthetic Drugs

Topical Anesthetic Cream Lidocaine 4% For Hair RemovalNot all the creams have the same level of topical anesthetic drugs. Some have 2%, others have 4% and there are also numbing gels with 5% of  topical anesthetic drugs.

Use the cream which has the lowest level needed to numb your skin. It is OK if the pain will only fade and not disappear totally.

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6. Do Not Warm The Skin Before Applying Numbing Creams

When you warm the skin ( having warm bath, hot shower, placing hot towels over skin) before your hair removal you are causing the blood vessels to expand, and more topical anesthetic drugs might be absorbed!

7. Stay Away From Cuts, Bruises and Redness

If topical anesthetic cream is applied over a skin which has cuts or bruises, anesthetic drugs will reach the blood vessels easily. If the skin is inflammable, or has red spots (those are bruised tiny blood vessels) do not apply numbing creams on skin.

8. Do NOT Suffucate Numbing Creams on Skin

There where people who decided to increase the numbing effect of the anesthetic creams by wrapping nylon wraps over the skin areas they applied creams on. Some of these people died due to high levels of anesthetic drugs which were absorbed into their blood. When the skin pores are blocked by plastic wrap 100% of the toxic drugs gets absorbed into the skin.

 9. Use Alternatives Ways To Numb The Skin

There are several ways to numb the skin before laser hair removal treatments. Placing an ice pack before the skin is treated, will numb away most of the pain and cool the skin. Placing an ice pack right after an area was treated will do the same effect.

10. Use Lower Levels of Laser

Laser Hair Removal Anesthetic Numbing Creams
Tria Laser

All laser hair removal systems have wide degrees of energy levels. The highest energy level is the most painful.

For example the TRIA laser has 5 levels of light energy, the highest level is 24 joules per cm², which might be too painful for some. So instead of applying a numbing gel all over your legs or chest, just keep switching one level lower, until the zapping is bearable.

Or Buy IPL Hair Removal Devices Instead

If you know you are sensitive to pain, and would like to have ‘laser hair removal’ with as little discomfort as possible, you may what get an IPL system which is usually less painful than laser.

Laser Hair Removal Anesthetic Gels
Less Painful Than Any Other Laser/IPL System - The 'Me My Elos' Hair Removal

If pain is a real issue, you might want to get the ‘Me my ELOS’ hair removal system which is the most effective IPL system for removing hair. The Me my ELOS is also the system which is less painful than any other system for home use due to the ELOS technology which uses radio-frequency instead of light to complete the hair removal process.

Read this interview with Me my ELOS user  who have chosen the system because it is probably the only painless IPL system to be found today for home use.

Using Laser Hair Removal Anesthetic Numbing Creams

Be aware of the risks and side effects of these numbing creams for laser hair removal. Use them wisely, use a small amount, use only on treated area, consult your doctor for a professional opinion regarding your medical condition.

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