Viss IPL vs TRIA Laser

Compare Viss Beauty IPL to TRIA Laser

In this comparison we will slice down the specs, features, pros and cons of the Viss IPL and TRIA laser, so you could evaluate which of the systems will be more suitable for your needs. The Viss IPL vs TRIA laser is not a simple comparison because they are based on different technologies. But still the comparison can be done, and the main features can be reviewed.

Viss IPL vs TRIA Laser – Light Technology Used

VISS IPL vs TRIA Laser Hair Removal
VISS IPL Hair Removal System

The two hair removal deices are using light energy to deliver their results. The light energy level is part of what makes the systems effective in creating the heat effect, which terminates the hair stem cell.

Hair Removal Wavelength  – Longer wavelength means the light is capable to penetrate deeper into the skin layers and reach closer to the stem cells. TRIA is using a laser beam, at 810 nm (Nano-meter) wavelength, the Viss IPL is using a wide spectrum of wavelengths 530-930 nm. This means the TRIA laser can carry more light energy deeper down the epidermis.

Light Energy Levels – The light energy is measured by Joules per cm². It is the amount of light energy transmitted per cm² of skin. TRIA laser has up to 6-24 Joules per cm² Viss has 3.8 Joules per cm². Each of the systems have energy levels (TRIA has 5 levels, Viss has 8 levels) so when using them on sensitive skin lower levels should be used.

The technologies are so different it is difficult to compare (apples to oranges) but the TRIA laser has a slight advantage with more powerful specs.

People with dark skin (5-6) can not use the TRIA because it has such a high energy level, so for tanned people, Afro-Americans the Viss milder energy turns into an advantage.

Viss IPL vs TRIA Laser – Sessions

New TRIA laser hair removalAll hair removal sessions, with all available machines needs to be planned in advance, in order to follow the treatments cycle (once every 2 weeks)schedule. The skin has to be prepared and shaved before each session (except when using the Me-my-ELOS hair removal system).

Continuous Sessions Comparison

The TRIA laser is a cordless device, so it can be used anywhere in the house in complete privacy. The Viss IPL is electric powered so it can be used when connected to the electricity. The cons of using the cordless TRIA laser system is that it needs to be recharged (1.5 hours in fast recharge mode) when battery is low, which can be a real bummer if you run out of battery in the middle of your session.

The Viss has an advantage over the TRIA, it can be used for longer sessions without battery interference.

Spot Size – The spot size effects the convenience and time consumed by the hair removal session at home. Small spot size means more pulses are needed to cover the treated skin. Covering  an arm 30 x 10 cm of skin (300 cm²) the TRIA with it’s 1 cm² spot size will need 300 pulses, with 1 pulse per 3-4 seconds, competing 1 arm will require 15 minutes. The Viss has a 6 cm² spot size (with 1 pulse per 3-4 seconds) and will need 2.5 minutes to finish an arm treatment.

Facial Hair Removal – The Viss Beauty IPL system can preform facial hair removal below the cheekbones. The TRIA laser is not cleared for facial hair removal. So the Viss has a substantial advantage, for those who wish to remove unwanted facial hair.

Safety Measures – Both the TRIA and the Viss Beauty IPL system have high standard of safety precautions. The TRIA has an added safety feature a “Skin Tone Sensor” which will check the users skin color to see if it is safe to be treated by laser. The Viss Beauty IPL does not have this kind of sensor, and users need to check their skin type at a simple online color tone chart.

How Long a Cartridge Last – The Viss cartridge lasts 4000 flashes. With an estimation that a full body treatment (full body = two arms, two lower legs, two armpits & a bikini line) will need 750 pulses. The Viss IPL cartridge can last for 5 full body sessions. When you buy the Viss IPL you get 1 full cartridge with the system.

The TRIA laser has a rechargeable diode laser. TRIA can treat smaller skin areas per charging. In high energy levels it will do small skin areas only (two underarms or bikini line). At lower energy (less efficient) it can cover larger skin surfaces. The TRIA laser can be recharged 500 times, each charging takes 1.5 hours.

Viss Beauty IPL vs TRIA Laser – Conclusion

Viss IPL vs TRIA Laser Comparison
Viss IPL Armpit Hair Removal

The Viss Beauty IPL device costs a little more than the TRIA laser, but the return is worth the investment. There is no doubt the Viss Beauty IPL system has an advantage over the TRIA laser in most of the parameters we checked.

Viss Beauty IPL can treat larger skin  areas in each session. The Viss treatment will be faster with less hassle (recharging) compared to the TRIA laser. Viss IPL hair removal system can treat darker skin tones and preform facial hair removal too.

Our conclusion is when comparing the Viss IPL vs TRIA laser, the Viss has more pros than the TRIA laser, it is more recommended for home hair removal treatments.

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Viss Beauty IPL vs TRIA LAser Hair Removal Review

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