Why More People Do Hair Removal Treaments At Home

Salons Loosing Customers To Home Systems

Only a few years back, everyone was looking for a Med-Spa to do a body hair removal treatment. These businesses where booming. But now less people go to beauty salons, there are many reasons why people at 2012 prefer to do hair removal at home, in this review we will cover some of the changes leading to this new trend.

It Is The Economy

The first thing is the economy depression. When a financial slowdown is felt, people have less cash in their hands and they prefer to minimize their expenses. It is no secret that the laser hair removal at professional Salons and Medical Spas cost quite a lot. A professional hair removal can cost $3000 and more. So only those who have plenty of spare cash can still look for Med-Spas.

The other aspect of this, is that in the past home systems where pretty expensive. If a person wanted to purchase the TRIA laser which was the first home hair removal laser, they had to say ‘bye-bye’ to nearly $1000 bucks! Today hair removal systems prices have been in constant decline, and you can put your hands on a very nice system for less than $400!

It Is The Technology

Low Cost Hair Removal At HomeThe second thing is the giant leap in technology! Only a few years back, there was only one system (TRIA Laser)approved by FDA for home use. TRIA had a monopole over home treatments. The home treatments where painful, slow, and not very effective.

Then came Dr Shimon Eckhouse (an Israeli Scientist) and invented the IPL hair removal technology. The first devices created with IPL were professional machines for beauty salons and aesthetics centers.

Soon enough the first IPL systems where released for home use. At first they where just as expensive as the TRIA laser system. But with the direct competition and the great customers reviews, more types and models of IPL home systems where released to the markets. This caused the price of the systems to decease to $500-$600.

Now at 2012, you can find that IPL system prices have been further declined, with systems sold as low as $250! (see pic).

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The ELOS Technology Leap

Last year (2011) another technological evolution occurred. The same Dr. Shimon Eckhouse and Syneron.com has rocked the markets once again. This time Syneron managed to create an ELOS system small enough for home use! The ELOS technology which is used at doctor’s clinics was available only in huge expensive machines (over $50,000 each). 

We picked the Me my Elos as the ‘Best Hair Removal System For 2012’, because it has vast superior technology and capabilities, which are unmatched by any other system. For example the TRIA laser can treat two legs in 1 hour, the Me my-Elos IPL can complete a full body session in 30 minutes.

Home Systems Have Improved Safety Sensors

Remington ipl6000usa skin touch sensorsA few years back, there were many stories about people who had their skin grilled with laser. The main reason people preferred the clinic hair removal over the home DIY hair removal, is the fear from skin burns, scarring and side effects.

Part of the technological revolution in home hair removal systems is that more and more systems use safety sensors to prevent unwanted side effects and accidents. The leading safety sensors are ‘skin tone sensors’ and ‘skin touch sensors‘. The first will prevent using the IPL or laser over dark skin, the second sensor will lock the system from pulsing at the eyes.

Why More People Remove Hair At Home – Conclusion

Not so long ago, the best results where achieved only at the hair removal centers. But then the home systems developed from bulky ugly machines into sleek hi-tech systems, packed with all the newest technology.

Two economical processes occurred too, the price of the home system declined deeply, from expensive systems they became affordable to many. The 2008 global economic crisis has  forced many to be more careful about their expenses.

Today people tend to spend less on stuff which can be done at home. This rule of thumb is exactly what happened at the hair removal category. More people do hair removal treatments at home.

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