Me my Elos Hair Removal – Facial Kit

Removing Facial Hair With Me my Elos

Me my Elos Hair Removal Facial KitIt is now official, the Me my Elos facial kit was released (Sep 2011). The new hair removal system by Syneron, has now a facial kit accessory, which is specially designed for at-home facial hair removal. People who have purchased home removal systems, wish to have a complete smooth body, and that includes getting rid of unwanted facial hair.

For many years and for safety reasons, home hair removal systems were not allowed to be used for facial hair. Men or women who wished to remove hair from the chin, sideburns, upper lip, eye brows or forehead did not have any laser or IPL safe solution for that.

The official Tria Laser user guide specifically forbids using the Tria on the face. Though many do use the Tria laser for facial hair removal, they put themselves in a risk for severe unwanted side effects. The Silk’n SensEpil allows using the system for removing hair from the cheekbone downward, but they are not thrilled to encourage customers using the system on the face. And they do not have any facial kit accessory to protect users who do facial hair removal.

 Me My Elos Syneron Hair Removal NEW FACIAL Hair Removal KIT – Now users can remove unwanted facial hair, with the best protection as used in the skin center clinics. The kit includes a Me Elos extended lamp (5400 flashes!) a pair of goggles and white pencil for dark spots coverage.

The kit can actually protect all users using any IPL system, for facial hair removal!

Me My Elos Syneron Hair Removal NEW FACIAL Hair Removal KIT

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Facial Hair Removal Risks

When done with some precautions people can do facial hair removal treatments at home. The main risk was always causing damage to the eyes, as the IPL flash has a high energy pulse which is dangerous to the inner eye Retina.

Another risk is that the Laser or IPL light may cause skin discoloring or scarring at the face. Having these side effects over the face will cause users more agony than a discoloring or scarring at other body areas.

Me My Elos Facial Hair Removal Kit

Me My Elos Syneron Hair Removal NEW FACIAL Hair Removal KITThe way professional skin clinics avoid these side effects, is by covering the customers eyes with special laser goggles, and covering darker skin with white pencil. Darker skin absorbs higher amounts of light and heats more than the surrounding tissue. Dark skin can be the lips and lip contour, moles, beauty spots and freckles. All of these needs to be covered to avoid any risk of excessive light and skin cell melanin reaction.

The new Me my Elos facial kit includes:

  • IPL Elos lamp
  • White Pencil to cover pigmentation
  • Safety goggles for eye protection.

The Me my Elos eye protection goggles are designed to allow the user to see what they are doing together with eye protection from all sides. 

How To Use The Me Elos Facial Kit

Before using the kit, make sure that your facial skin has the right tone for IPL hair removal, if your skin is BLACK or Brown, than you should NOT use the facial kit. The facial skin allowed to be treated is Fitzpatrick  1-3 types only. You should not use the Me my Elos facial kit, if you have been in sun tanning a day before.

  1. Clean the facial skin from all makeup and lotions, the skin should be clean and dry, creams and makeup can heat up unevenly or mask the hair and prevent effective treatment. 
  2. Shave or epilate hair if longer than 1 millimeter.
  3. Use the white pencil to mask all the pigmentation spots you may have over the skin, moles, skin tags, freckles, lip lines contour (mask lips if you plan to remove upper lips hair).
  4. Place the safety goggles over your eyes.
  5. Use the lowest level of Elos.

You will need to be in front of a mirror to see what you are doing, make sure the room has enough light, so you can see through the dark safety eye-wear.

Make sure you keep the Me Elos device in constant motion, having too many flashes over one spot may cause pigmentation side effects. Do not expose the facial skin to the sun 24 hours after the session is over.

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