Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent Forever

Will Laser Hair Removal Results Last Forever

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent ForeverMany people wonder whether the results of an laser hair removal procedure will last forever, and they will never see another hair grow. Well nothing lasts forever.

Laser hair removal is a wonderful way to reduce body hair growth, but there is no guarantee that the results will last for ever. No matter if you go to an expensive clinic, or a local cosmetic salon or do it yourself at home, no one can (or should) promise you that the hair removal will be permanent.

So does it mean that laser hair removal doesn’t work?

No, it means that there will be some hair reduction, but hair might grow again, and further treatments will be needed as some kind of body maintenance.

Permanent Removal vs Permanent Reduction

Most of the home laser systems now careful promise permanent hair reduction. This means you can expect some percentage of hairs not to grow again for sometime, and this means the reduction of hair will be permanent. By the regulations of the FCC they cannot promise “Permanent Hair Removal” because that’s not what they are designed to do.

Laser and IPL devices disable the hair growth by heating the root of the hair. This is done by pulsing flashes of light energy on the skin. Because light is attracted to dark matter the hair will absorb all the energy and be heated. The heat will disable the root of the hair only if the hair is connected to the root. If the hair is not connected it will burn and evaporate, but the root will not be damaged.

Because the hair growth differs from person to person, and differ at different stages of life, and even by different time of the month (for women). There is no guarantee that the laser or IPL will disable the root from further hair growth.

Even if the treatment is done by the exact recommended schedule, not all the roots will be affected by the procedure at the same time. This means, some hair roots will be disabled, other will not be affected. So hair will gradually be reduced but not completely removed.

After several treatments most of the hair can be reduced. This can last for several month, and for some it may even be quite permanent. Because the skin is a living tissue, and the body has ways to repair damaged or disabled hair roots, hair might grow again.

The new hairs which grow are usually thinner, more delicate and have lighter color tones.

Touch Ups For Long Lasting Results

Home Electrolysis KITIt is recommended to do follow up treatments to keep the results for longer periods of time. If you see hair is returning, use the home device once more. The best time for laser or IPL hair removal is during winter, because the skin gets sensitive to UV radiation, and through winter the UV is at it;s lowest levels.

The only way to remove hair permanently is by using electrolysis method. In this method each hair root needs to be treated one at a time. This means a very slow process of sending a small electric buzz to each hair follicle.

The pros of this method is that in most cases the results may last forever. The cons is that it is very slow and expensive if done in a clinic. It is recommended as a way for small body areas like upper lips or sideburns, or as a way to trim the bikini line hair. If you use a home electrolysis kit like this one, you may save hundreds of dollars and treat yourself at home.


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