FDA Cleared Over-The-Counter Hair Removal Laser

FDA Cleared OTC Laser Hair Removal

Buying an IPL or laser hair removal system, seems a tough decision for many people. Most of the people hardly know the difference between laser and IPL, most of the people hardly understand how these technology works. Most people believe ‘laser hair removal can cause cancer’ (it can not..) and most people still believe buying a home laser hair removal system, is a purchase which is beyond their financial reach.

Buying An FDA Approved Laser Hair Removal

The truth is that laser hair removal and IPL are safe for most of the people, they DO NOT cause cancer, they are effective, and they cost far less than expected. New technology breakthrough cause price of top ranked systems price to drop into their lowest level ever!! Now is a great time to choose a device which was unfordable only a few month before.

There are many laser hair removal systems (or IPL systems) sold over the counter. This means that anyone can order any system from amazon. The best way to make sure you are buying a safe hair removal device for home, is to buy a FDA cleared device.

The FDA has checked the technology of the system and found that the technology can do what it claims to do! In order to get an FDA clearance for OTC (over the counter) laser hair removal, the manufacture has to meet the high standards of safety and precautions required for safe home treatments.

Over The Counter FDA Cleared Systems

FDA Over the counter Laser Hair RemovalThe no’ 1 FDA cleared laser system, is the well known TRIA laser. TRIA was actually the first ever FDA approved over the counter laser system. Until the TRIA revolution, laser hair removals could have been done only at professional laser hair removal centers. Now any one can buy a TRIA laser at amazon.

TRIA has many pros: It is cordless. It has a high joules energy pulse 24 joules per cm² per second. TRIA has been used by thousands of people, men and women around the world. With top tier safety sensors, 5 energy level settings, and thousands of happy customers, TRIA is a leading system you can buy OTC.

TRIA cons are that the treatment is rather slow, the pinpoint laser requires hundreds of pulses per area treated. Because it is cordless it needs to recharged frequently every hour of epilation.

You can buy the TRIA laser via amazon shipping and discounts. TRIA was sold for $700 has a new price, the price was recently axed by 20% –  you can get your TRIA here.   (UK shoppers can get it here).

Silk’n SensEpil Is FDA Cleared Also

FDA Approved Laser Hair RemovalThe second system which has been FDA cleared is the Silk’n SensEpil system. This is one of the first IPL hair removal systems which where seen on the markets as soon as the IPL was cleared by the FDA. Silk’n call their technology HPL (home pulsed light) but is is actually a different patent name for the well known IPL (intense pulsed light). Both preform the same photo-epilation, disabling hair growth with light energy.

Silk’n Pros – Silk’n has numerous pros, the system is very effective! It was awarded the ‘best hair removal system’ by the readers of About.com, at 2010! It covers larger skin areas than the TRIA and treats skin faster than laser. At 2010-2011 it was the best IPL hair removal you can buy over the counter! The Silk’n SensEpil system was sold at amazon for $500 a few month ago, but like all the IPL systems it is sold for much less now! Last time I have checked it was $315!! 37% Discount!!

Silk’n cons – The main con of all IPL systems is that they use disposable cartridges. This means that extra cartridges need to be bought for full body treatments. Compared to a $500 session at a private hair removal center, a $45 cartridge is not too expensive, but still it is something to take in mind when buying an IPL system.

Get the award winning system, chosen by the readers as best home hair removal system, sold now at a bargain price.


The ONLY Home System FDA Approved For Dark Skin

Ultra Pro ELOS Hair RemovalThe Me MY ELOS was released to the markets about two years ago, it passed all the FDA regulations and clearance for treating dark and black skin types! It is currently the ONLY system safe for treating dark skin, thanks to the unique advanced technology, using light and radio waves (RF).

The Me my ELOS Pro Ultra system, is by far more advanced and effective than any other device. The ELOS use light IPL with Radio Frequency to reach deeper into skin layers, without the side effects of light energy.

The Me is faster, safer, and less painful than other devices. It comes with an super advanced IPL cartridge holding 120,000 flashes! Just for comparison, the Silk’n’ SensEpil has 750 flashes per cartridge only..


Skin Chart me my Elos Pro

Read Here MORE About The Me my ELOS Pro Ultra

Buying FDA Cleared Systems Conclusion

If a few years back buying an FDA cleared system was a huge expense, when TRIA and Silk’n where the only products available, and buying a cheap system not cleared by FDA was a financial temptation. Now the FDA cleared systems are sold over the counter at an affordable price so there is no need to put your health and well being in risk buying  fishy products.