What Is Photothermal Hair Removal

Photo Thermal Hair Removal

Photothermal Hair RemovalWhat is actually a Photothermal hair removal treatment. In this short article you can read and learn about the photo-thermal hair removal process, understand its advantages and disadvantages, and even purchase a photo thermal system for a safe home hair removal.

Photo – Is light

Thermal – Is heat

The photo-thermal hair removal process, turns light energy into heat energy.

When using light energy (photo) to heat the hair (thermal) and cause it not to grow again this is also called photoepilation, photo-light; epilation-hair removal. Because there are many ways to remove hair like – waxing, trimming, shaving, or using hair removal creams, when referring to using light energy some doctors may call it to ‘photothermal’ hair removal or to ‘photoepilation’ which are just professional names to laser hair removal.

Kinds Of Photo Thermal Hair Removal

When someone is referring to photo-thermal or photoepilation in most of the cases they refer to laser hair removal. Laser is used to transfer light into the skin layers to heat the hair bulb. When the hair bulb is heated hair growth is damaged, causing hair either not to grow back or to grow thin and fair.

IPL hair removal (Intense Pulse Light =IPL) is also a well know photo-thermal hair removal method. In this method the light is not projected as a beam but as a high energy flash.

How Photo Thermal Hair Removal Work

Viss IPL Photo Thermal Hair RemovalThe way the photo thermal method manages to reduce the hair growth, lays in a physical reaction between light energy and dark colors. When dark colors absorbs light it gets warm. This rule helps hair removal succeed on people who have light skin tone and dark hair color.

The light which is send by the hair removal system (laser or IPL) is absorbed by the dark hairs, and they are destroyed.

Photo Thermal Hair Removal Side Effects

Doing photo-epilation treatments on dark skin, may be dangerous, due to the fact that the dark skin will absorb the light and will warm up and get blisters or burned.

Photo thermal hair removal can cause skin discoloration side effects because the body melanin production can be altered. The skin produced melanin cells which are the ‘color cells’ for example when sun tanning, the body protects the skin from the sun, by producing more meaning, and the skin becomes darker.

When projecting light at the skin, or emitting laser melanin production may be accelerated and cause dark spots to appear (hyper pigmentation) or melanin production may be damaged and white skin patches may show (hypo pigmentation). These side effects are rare but may happen for those with dark skin who treat their skin with laser.

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