Why No!No! Hair Removal Gets Such Lousy Customer Reviews?

Is No!No! Hair Removal Working?

If you have been searching for hair removal solutions in the last few years, or if you are new to the need of body hair removal at home, you must have come across the No!No! hair removal device. Like any other hair removal at home, the website of the No!No! is full of fantastic examples and explanations of the wonderful technology and the simplicity of the No!No! machine.


The No!No! homepage seems to be the only place where the No!No! hair removal system gets such positive remarks and compliments. When checking the online retailers which allow customer reviews, it seems the No!No! is one of the worst hair removal products you can think of buying. It would be fair to say there are also some positive users grading the No!No! with 5 stars review.. but they are so few..

Customers Psychology For Reviewing Products

The common assessment is that not every customer who buys a product will invest the effort to write a review. The assumption is that the ratio is at least 1:10, out of 10 customers one will return to write a review and grade the product ant the seller which delivered it.

4 + 5 Star grade – usually mean the product was excellent, it maybe have even exceeded the expectations.

3 stars –  Mean the customer was somewhat disappointed, not because the product was bad, it might have even done what was expected from it, but it didn’t have the WOW effect the ads usually makes us believe would happen.

1 + 2 Stars – mean the product was a complete flop! Did not deliver minimal results, did not meet the minimum expectations from a product.

One important issue to remember, is that disappointed customers usually have more motivation to write bad reviews (it is called customer’s revenge!), enthusiastic customers usually do word-of-mouth advertising to the products.

Customer Reviews Of No!No!

No!No! Hair Removal Customer ReviewsFor example last time we have checked (Dec 2011) out of 164 customers reviews for the No!No! hair removal system the vast majority of the customers where deeply disappointed with the product.

  • 5 Stars – 9 customers
  • 4 Stars – 10 customers
  • 3 Stars – 7 customers
  • 2 Stars – 8 customers
  • 1 Star – 130 customers

80% of the customers! Gave the No!No! hair removal system a lousy one star! and claim “No!No! is a total disappointment”. It is interesting to investigate these figures.

Do No!No! Customer Reviews Suffer From Bias

The simple explanation would be that the No!No! hair removal technology is not working, it is a piece of crap, or even worse No!No! is a scam. But if that was the case, how did 15% of the customers get results?? and even put some effort to write about it? Why are the results not evenly spread?

It might be that the No!No! customers reviews suffer from some kind of psychological bias, called ‘group-thinking’. What is group-thinking?

  • Self-censorship – Doubts and deviations from the perceived group consensus are not expressed.
  • Illusion of unanimity – The majority view and judgments are assumed to be unanimous.

A well known psychology experiment for ‘group-thinking‘ found that when a person had to say if two lines have identical length, or if two circles are at the same size, the answer would change when group ‘pressure’ was made.

Most people who were ALONE said the two lines or circles are identical. Because they were. The second part of the experiment was done, by showing the same lines and circles to people, but this time they were not alone, but in a room full of actors. All the actors were requested to insist that “one line is shorter!”. This time most of the people (who didn’t know all the rest are actors) declared that they too “think” the lines or circles are not in the same length!

Back to our No!No! hair removal customer reviews. Not that disappointed customers would have rewarded it with 5 stars, but they might have been a ‘3 star’ users who decide to join the group-thinking gradings.

Is No!No! hair Removal Technology Effective?

NoNo Hair Removal System Alternatives
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Our opinion should be that products should make the customer feel WOW, and exceed the expectations! No!No! hair removal system (8800 series) and the is not a cheap product, so it is disappointing to see such low grade reviews. Customers should prefer other hair removal systems which cost the same like the Remington IPL6000USA Hair Removal and Silk’n Flash n’ Go IPL System, with proven hair removal technology and better customer reviews.

It might certainly be that the No!No! hair removal technology does not really deliver results as they say it should do. Or at least not as well as they make it seem to be. But when checking the other No!No! devices sold on Amazon, which have customers reviews not suffering from group-thinking bias, those systems have better customer reviews, with equal 4 + 5 stars reviews too. So the No!No! technology must be effective for some.

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