Laser Hair Removal Is NOT Moles Laser Removal

Don’t Remove Moles With Home Laser Systems!

Unfortunately I read at aesthetics forums a question that may place many girls in a real risk, they ask whether skin moles and warts can be removed with their home laser hair removal devices. In this short review you will read why laser hair removal systems should not be used for moles removals, and why that may even be very dangerous to try.

Moles Can Be a Cosmetic Problem

Moles, warts and skin tags are a nasty aesthetic problem. Not everyone is as beautiful as Cyndy Crawford with her sexy mole over the upper lip. For most girls having facial moles and skin tags is a cosmetic problem, as the moles and skin tags are dark skin bumps, with whiskers and when there are too many of them, they can be quite embarrassing.

Can You Forget About Them?

One way of treatment may be to learn to live in peace with your facial moles and skin tags, (beauty spots?) since they are not going to disappear if you do not take action, you may just as well ‘become friends’ with them, and accept them as they are.

Another option, which is much more popular… Is to find ways to get rid of your facial moles  warts and skin tags.

Laser Treatments For Moles Removal

Many read about laser treatments for moles and warts removal, and mistakenly think it is the same laser used for hair removal, but that is WRONG.

Warts and moles laser removal is a special kind of laser that has the ability to burn off veins and stop the blood supply to the mole. Once the blood supply to the mole or skin tag is cut off and terminated, the mole will fall off.

Laser Hair Removal On Moles = Scarring

Laser hair removal is a different kind of laser, and has different wavelength and different light emitted. The light from the laser is absorbed by the hair’s dark color and the laser light transforms into heat! Moles and skin tags are usually dark brown or black skin spots – Placing the intense laser light over them will cause severe burns!

The dark mole skin may actually get scarred in a Milli-second. Flesh burns may occur too. The last thing you want is to exchange the ‘beauty spots’ moles into deep scars.

Get Rid Of Moles and Warts Safely

Instead of improvising a laser medical procedure, you may better do it the right way. The first option is to check if your insurance covers mole removal treatments, as it may be a cosmetic surgery and some insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures.

Go to a skin doctor, dermatologist to check your skin moles and tags, some of them can turn into cancer melanoma, the dermatologies knows what to look – If any mole changes in size, bleeds, develops irregular edges, or different colors.

Get rid of moles warts and skin tags without surgery, there are natural remedies that promise that you will lose moles and warts. As the warts are connected to infections some remedies can actually defeat these infections and solve part (or whole) of your problem.

Check this natural remedies program for safe warts and mole removal

So instead of scarring yourself with laser hair removal over moles, try the safe way for moles and warts removal.