5 Tips To Save Money During Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Save Money On Home Laser Hair Removal

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Save Money On Laser Treatments At HomeIt is no secret that laser hair removal is expensive. Doing a laser hair removal at home will be cheaper than attending a beauty salon. Most people do not know that there can be ways to save money on home laser hair removal too. Follow these tips at home and you may enjoy a long lasting results of permanent hair reduction, at a lower cost.

Saving Cash When Doing Laser Hair Removal At Home

1. Buy The Right System For Your Skin/Hair Type

Most people tend to buy a system they see in a magazine ad or TV commercial. But not all the systems work the same way. I have read too many forum complaints about systems who have failed to deliver what they promise in the ad.

It is better (and cheaper) to buy one system that works than a few cheap ones that do not. If you have a blond hair, or any light colored hair, laser hair removal will not work for you. Save your money, do not buy a home laser machine. these machines require the hair to be darker than the skin (dark-blond/brown/black).

For underarms, bikini line and facial hair removal a small home electrolysis kit would be enough. You can save the $300-$400 of a home IPL system and purchase the small kit at $35. It’s a solution for hair removal from small skin areas.

2. Blond Hair Needs Natural Melanin Re-enforcement

The laser or IPL devices all need that the hair will have enough melanin, to pass through the heat to the hair follicle. If you have white, grey or light blond body hair  (which is low on melanin) pre-plan your treatments and use natural melanin enhancer two month in advance.

There are capsules for Melanin Enhancer. So your ‘no-melanin-hair’ would absorb enough melanin to carry through a home laser/IPL treatment.

Using a melanin enhancer will save your money from being thrown down the drain with laser systems which don’t work.


3. Use White Grid Lines During Your Laser Sessions

Save Money With Tria Laser
Tria Laser

One of the most recommended laser hair removal systems is the TRIA laser. If you buy a home laser system, 99% it would be TRIA laser. Most people do not know that the TRIA diode laser has a limited amount of ‘laser’ it can produce. The TRIA has enough laser pulses to cover 4-5 full body treatments.

Most people do not know this, and they use the TRIA sporadically and then they are left with a system which does not operate. When using a pin-point laser tip following a grid line will help use the TRIA in a cost effective manner. You will save a lot of money by this tip, otherwise left with a useless device.

Use a white pencil to draw thin lines to help you move and know which part of the skin has been treated. DO NOT USE A BLACK PENCIL. A black pencil will attract too much light energy and may cause skin burns. Get one of th ebest home hair removal laser systems – Get TRIA Laser Here


4. Follow The Exact Schedule Of The Treatments

All the laser and IPL systems  work on the same principles. The systems destroy the hair growth by transferring heat down the hair shaft all the way to the bulb. Only when the bulb is heated it will discontinue to grow hair.

The hair is connected to the bulb only at 20% of the time. At the rest of the growth cycle the hair is disconnected from the bulb, so a laser or IPL flash will burn the hair but will dysfunction the bulb.

Many people waste a lot of money doing treatments not by the recommended schedule. Treating the skin too soon or too spread out will cause the sessions to be less effective. The IPL cartridges will be emptied without the expected results. So save your money and follow the laser hair removal treatment as suggested.


5. Share The IPL Machine Cost With a Friend

Ultra Pro ELOS Hair Removal

This tip will probably save you the largest sum of money when treating at home. The cost of at home hair removal machines is divided between the device itself, which cost a few hundred dollars, and the IPL cartridge replacement lamps, which cost much less.

A smart way to save money during laser hair removal treatments at home, would be to share a machine with a friend. By this way the principal cost is divided between more than one user. So instead of buying a cheap system by yourself (Remington IPL 6000USA  and Silk’n SensEpil cost $250) you buy with 2-3 friends the Roles-Royce of the home systems, which other wise would be out of your reach.

Me my ELOS is the best home hair removal device available. If you buy it alone it will cost you $699. When three best friends buy it together it will cost $233 each! Each person now buys her/his own IPL replaceable lamp, and Ta-Da, you save over $500 and still get to use the best system for hair removal.

The new 2013 Pro Ultra ELOS system has 120,000 IPL flashes! Just for comparison the Remington IPL has 1500 flashes only. So once you have the Pro Ultra system you do no have to buy any IPL lamp ever.

Below are the leading home hair removal systems, share each system cost with a friend, and you both get to save 50% of the device cost.

Remington IPL 6000 USA – $250 


Veet Infinity IPL Device – $299


Me my ELOS – $499


Though doing laser hair removal at home is already cheaper than at professional clinics, you can still save hundreds of dollars and save energy and frustrations when following these money saving tips.

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