Laser Hair Removal At Home For Teens Under Age 18

Is Laser Hair Removal At Home Safe For Teens

Is Laser hair removal safe for teensToday when teenagers are so aware to their looks it seems only natural that they would like to get their body groomed like adults and have laser hair removal at home. Does laser hair removal treatments safe for teenagers? Can teens buy and do laser hair removal treatments at home? It depends who you ask.

If you ask the teens they would say, “hey why not!” But if you research some more you will find, young teens should not do laser hair removal, because it might be unsafe for them and it will not be effective either.

Most manufactures do not approve treatment for teens. Their devices carry a safety warnings for parents, that children below the age of 16 should not use the system at all, and under the age of 18 only with parental supervision.

Home Laser Mechanical Safety & Dangers

Most home systems have safety measures which are needed so users will not get skin burns or eye damage while using the machine at home. Unfortunately children and teen are less reliable, and misusing the machine which can emit a laser beam into one’s eye, can cause sever eye damage and even loss of sight.

For example the TRIA laser machine has a touch sensor so the laser will not go off unless it is attached to the skin. Children can try and outsmart the device just to look into the laser!

All of the systems require mild over lapping movement when treating the skin. Zapping with laser the same spot over and over can be dangerous and cause skin burns. Teens may not follow the exact procedure guidelines may cause themselves unwanted side effects due to improper treatments.

This is true also for the treatment plan, sessions should not be too close, or the skin is over dosed by light energy, and melanin production may be altered.

Laser or IPL is not a wii game, it can severely damage the skin and cause pain and long lasting side effects. While some teens are mature and may understand the risks and dangers of their action, many may not be suitable to handle these home devices and use them moderatly.

Teen Have Hormonal Hair Growth

The treatment cycle of all home aser hair removal systems is very similar. They all require some kind of two-three weeks cycle between treatments in order to cover hair growth at it’s different phases. The light based systems (Laser or IPL) can disable the root only if it is connected to the hair at the time of the treatment.

While grown ups have a steady cycle, teens have excessive hormonal activity which means the root will be stimulated to regrow hair even if treated. The skin is a living tissue,and for teens it is even more active than for adults. This means that most of the treatments may not be effective. Though hair may be reduced, it will keep on growing over and over as the skin will resume skin cells to reproduce hair.

Solutions For Teen Home Hair Removal

Laser hair removal not safe for teensThere are other solutions beside buying a laser system for home use.

For lower legs and armpits electric shaving machines are the best. These shave the hair close and neat, and have zero risks and dangers. The new electric shavers and most favorable by teens are the “wet & dry” shavers which can be used in the shower for most private personal grooming.

Here are the TOP wet & dry shavers for teens:

  1. Panasonic Close Curves Wet/Dry Shaver with Bikini Attachment (see pic)
  2. Braun Silk Epil Wet & Dry Female Lady Shaver


Hair Removal Epilator for teens When Laser Is ForbiddenOther options are wet & dry epilators. Unlike shavers which shave the skin and leave it nice and smooth, epilators pluck the hair from the follicle (from the root), so the skin stays smooth for longer time.

Epilating is more painful than shaving (which is not painful at all), but the results are for longer periods of time. The hair is pulled from the skin and until the new hair shows up, you have a smooth hair free skin.

The main con is the pain, plucking hairs is unpleasant, but when done fast enough with a powerful inner engine, and fast rotating  tweezer heads, it is one of the favored ways for hair removal.

Here are the TOP wet & dry epilators for teens:

  1. Emjoi – Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator
  2. Braun – Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator
  3. Remington Womens  Recharegeable Epilator with Bonus Facial Epilator Attachment


Teen Laser Hair Removal Conclusion

Teens can wait 2-3 years before they begin their laser hair removal at home. In the meanwhile they can remove unwanted body hair by using a shaver or epilator for personal use.

Shaver is not painful, but the results will be short term only. Epilator is more painful, but with mild numbing gels and a proper device the results will be better and the pain bearable.


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