Is TRIA Laser Hair Removal Misleading? Kim Kardashian Was Sued For Over Selling

Kim Kardashian & TRIA Laser Hair Removal Sued

Kim Kardashian & Tria Laser hair removal Sued
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The showbiz news are all over this story, where Kim Kardashian the top host celebrity and reality star was sued for false reviews of the Tria Laser hair removal system. The lawsuit was placed by Radiancy a competing hair removal company.

Kim Kardashian and Tria Laser now need to defend some of the impossible Kim Kardashian statements done over the media and at Kim’s tweeter account. Some of the statements which Kim Kardashian have said, are total nonsense, if you know how laser hair removal works, and how the Tria Laser hair removal 3.0 model works. Now there is the newest TRIA laser device 4X which is the most upgraded system with diode laser.

Laser hair removal is effective only after 4-6 treatments, when it is able to cover all the hair growth and hair growth cycles. Claiming great results within a few weeks, is purely unprofessional. Kim probably tried to over sell and promote the TRIA laser system, which is a great home system for hair removal, and the first ever laser hair removal which was approved by the FDA.

Read below from AceShowBiz more about the new legal debate which will probably end up in a large compensation agreement outside court.

“According to the lawsuit, Kim has misled consumers while working as the spokesperson for home laser hair removal system TRIA. Radiancy claimed although TRIA has stated its product is unsafe for the face, head, ears, neck, nipples, genitals or anus, the 31-year-old said on national television she’s using the TRIA product on her entire body.Allegedly, the estranged wife of Kris Humphries has also boasted that by using the products, customers will “never need razors or shaving cream again.” Radiancy, however, pointed out that TRIA’s instructions note the product is supposed to be used in conjunction with shaving.In the complaint which also names TRIA as defendant, Radiancy also mentioned Kim’s tweet in which she claimed she had begun using the Tria product and was “loving the results so far”. The beauty firm noted that at the time, the reality star had just become TRIA’s spokesperson a few weeks before, and TRIA itself states results won’t be able to be seen until at least 90 days.Radiancy claimed that Kim’s allegedly false statements have done damage to its business and is seeking unspecified damages. Meanwhile, TMZ reported that Kim has just signed an 18-month contract to continue her work as TRIA’s spokesperson. Read more…

I think Tria Laser have done a mistake taking Kim Kardashian as their spokesperson, she is pretty and sexy but not that smart to promote such a fine hair removal device without the empty claims, which turns Tria Beauty to a sleazy company which needs semi-lies to sell it’s products.

Kim Kardashian & TRIA Laser Hair Removal Lawsuit
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Tria Laser is one of the best home hair removal systems, it is the ONLY hair removal laser device approved by the FDA for home use. Though it is not intended for any facial use, many users do use the Tria laser for facial hair removal.

The Tria Laser is thought to be more effective than the IPL hair removal systems, such as the Silk’n Sensepil and the Me my Elos, because it uses a stronger laser beam.

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The Tria has many advantages, and is very safe, but has some disadvantages such as a slow session capabilities due to low repetition rate for the laser and a recharge breaks needed for the cordless hand device.

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