NEW VIDEO: Mens Hair Removal – Light Sheer Duet Laser

Hair Removal Light Sheer Duet Laser For Men

Men chest hair removed by Lightsheer Duet Laser! You can say a lot of things about men, but one simple fact is, that men do not know how to stand any pain.. While women can stand pains and suffering in order to be beautiful and sexy, waxing tweezing, pulling and lasers, men tend to.. shave.

Laser hair removal is a well known way to remove unwanted body hair. But it has two main downfalls, one is that it is rather painful, and the second thing is that it is time consuming.. Snail slow treatment!

A new laser system called Sheerlight Duet which is currently used at the skin care centers and at skin clinics, has managed to overcome these two laser downfalls. The Light Sheer Duet Laser has a larger laser emitter which can pulse laser beam that covers a larger skin area. The second thing is that the Light Sheer Duet Laser hair Removal sucks the skin and the pain is not felt when the laser is zapping. 


Laser LightSheer Duet Hair Removal Results

Watch how the LightSheer Duet Laser has managed to remove this guys hair! It is faster than any other laser hair removal treatment I have ever seen done at a hair removal clinic. 

Laser Light Sheer Duet Hair Removal Costs
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Now the only thing left to worry about is the cost and price of such Light Sheer Duet laser hair removal sessions. The price can be very expensive and the sessions though faster than ‘regular laser’ still require a visit to the skin clinic and an advance preparation of skin shaving before each treatment.

Men who wish to save the time and money of the Light Sheer Duet Laser, and get a home system, which is safe and fast, and painless (compared to any other home system). It is called the Me My Elos hair Removal.

The system uses IPL light (which is a soft kind of light compared to laser..) which is less painful, and can treat any area faster than any laser. The Me my Elos has two attachments the Me Shaver and Me Epilator. For men the Me shaver means there is no advance preparation needed before any IPL session.

Concerning the price.. Buying a Me my Elos hair removal device is much more cost effective than attending a clinic hair removal sessions, which can cost easily over $1500! The Me my Elos would not only cost half, but can be used when ever there is free time, at the comfort at home. LightSheer Duet Laser hair removal for men can be a great solution if they are rich and hairy.