Compare: TRIA Precision Laser Vs TRIA 4X Laser

TRIA Precision Vs TRIA 4X – Comparison

TRIA Precision vs TRIA 4XTRIA Beauty has released a brand new home laser hair removal device called TRIA Precision. It is the newest laser system for home use available for online shoppers. We thought many customers would like to know what are the differences between the two TRIA machines, which is better, which is  recommended.

You can find below our comparison of the TRIA 4X and the TRIA Precision. We hope this this will help you know which of these is better for your needs.

TRIA Precision vs. 4X Comparison

Both devices are operating by laser diode. They have the same 810 nano meter wave length beam, approved by the FDA. The Precision has three energy levels while the 4X has five energy levels to choose from.

  •  The lowest level is the same for both of them 7  joules per cm².
  • The high level in the 4X is 10% higher than the Precision, 22 vs 20 joules per cm².

The recommendation of TRIA is that users use the maximum level for best results. This means that the 4X when used at the high energy setting, will be 10% more intense and may be slightly more effective, when dealing with coarse hairs.

TRIA laser out of the boxAll TRIA devices are cordless, which makes them easy to use anywhere. They both need to be recharged, so they do have to be used around some kind of power source.

The Precision can run less time on it’s battery, compared to the 4X, only 15 minutes. This mean it is usable only for touch ups, or treating smaller areas like armpits, bikini line or facial specific spots. The 4X can run 30 minutes on each charge, this means that if you plan for a body treatments, more time is needed to complete areas like legs or arms. You do not want to be in the middle of a leg to see the battery light flash “empty”, the TRIA 4x is more suitable for this need.

The TRIA 4X can be good for approx 90,000 laser beam emissions and is efficient for about  300 charges. The Precision can emit about 165,000 times a beam through 500 charges. It seems the Precision has more ability to produce energy with more charging in between.

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The weight and size of a blow drier the 4X is somewhat more bulky and heavy 1 lb 5 oz compared to the 7 oz Precision unit. The 4X is less friendly for the precise treatments needed around the bikini line, pubic hair styling (not recommended by manufacturer) or for underarms curves.

Tria Precision Laser Safety Vs Tria 4X Laser

It is comforting to know that they both have the same safety features. Both of the TRIA devices are limited to the skin color they can treat. Only light tone and slightly tanned skin can be treated by both systems.

4X and Precision are out of bound for any dark skin, brown or black and even Mediterranean, Indian skin, dark Latin. There is no use to try and outsmart the device, TRIA has skin tone sensors which lock the system from emitting laser if placed over dark skin. The sensors are there to prevent  the risk of blisters and skin scarring.

When the high energy laser reached dark skin it zaps it so hard, the skin can get burnt. When the skin is fair and hair is dark, all the energy zaps the hair and demolishes the root.

TRIA Precision Safety Laser Hair Removal

Hair colors which can be treated are limited too. TRIA can not be used for removing red hair, blond hair, grey or white hair. Any hair which is not dark pigmented is not allowed, as the energy will not be funneled and will cause skin blisters.

If you have any kind of deeply tanned skin or dark brown or back skin or need to remove red, grey or blond body hair, the only device which is safe, approved by FDA and effective, will be the Me my ELOS Pro Ultra (upgraded this year).

4X Design Compared to Precision Laser Design

The 4X has a top display panel, which shows the user the current energy level used, the battery level the amount of laser pulses used, and the safety sensors indicators. All the information a user may need when treating the body.

The Precision has no display, only three lights at the side which indicate power on, treatment level, battery charge, skin sensor lock and error status. The light can turn green or red depending on the unit’s situation. This means the user has less information except the most essential indicators for a safe usage. This is more than enough for touch up treatments or small areas sessions.

The Precision is smaller and has sleek lines, looking like a slim shampoo bottle (some say a love toy?), compared to the “hair dryer” design of the TRIA 4X. The later comes in different colors, as lilac turquoise, graphite and green, while the Precision has only one tone “silver-white” color.

4X vs Precision Conclusion

Depending on your needs. If you have never done any home laser hair removal,and plan on removing body hair and reducing hair growth from large areas like the legs, arms and other body areas, shopping for the 4X will be the first choice. It has stronger laser beam, and can run more time between battery charging.

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If you have already done laser or IPL treatments, and have reduced your body hair and need only close encounter touch up sessions, or to maintain a rebellion area which keeps growing, buying the TRIA Precision would be perfect! You are getting a premium device for a low price – Check TRIA Precision Current Price Here.


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