LumaRX vs iluminage Touch – IPL Hair Removal Comparison

Comparing LumaRX vs iluminage Touch

Lumarx vs iluminage TouchThis time we are placing two different types of hair removal systems side by side and comparing them. The LumaRX is an IPL device and the iluminage Touch is an ELOS device. Though they are similar there are some differences worth knowing before you decide which of these two devices meets your specific needs.

There isn’t a perfect hair removal system, each of them (LumaRX & iluminage Touch) have pros and cons which you can read about below. You need to pick the one which is best device for your needs.

The LumaRX is the most upgraded device (IPL6800) by the manufacturer of Remington IPL hair reduction systems. As for the iLuminage Touch, there are many sub-branding for the ELOS systems (iLuminage, Touch, ELOS Pro, ELOS Ultra, ELOS Smooth, ELOS Tanda and more..) They are basically same devices with different IPL lamps, and slightly different looks and features.

LumaRX is IPL – iLuminage Touch is ELOS

IPL and ELOS are slightly different types of technologies. The IPL is Intense Pulsed Light, and ELOS is Electro Optical Synergy. They are two similar types of photoepilation (photo=light + epilation) which is a process of disabling hair growth with light energy.

How does IPL work? An intense flash of light energy is projected at the skin, this light when it meets dark matter (the hair), it heats in an instant zap and disables it.

Watch the short one minute clip below how IPL works.

ELOS works very much the same, the ELOS window emits an IPL flash, usually a softer one, which is less painful. Which also heats the dark melanin in the hair. Here comes the difference edge, the ELOS has a second type of assisting technology, which is the RF radio frequency waves which keep heating the targeted follicle.

The ELOS is actually an upgraded version of the IPL, and they both were invented by the same Physician Dr. Shimon Eckhouse an Israeli scientist. Check below to see how the ELOS is preforming, notice the RF wave passing between the two bars, right after the flash.

Both systems are regarded as top notch devices! Both have FDA approval.

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As luxury beauty systems, both systems have long lasting reputation, LumaRX belongs to the same company of Remington IPL hair removal brand.

syneron_logoiLuminage belongs to Syneron, which is one of the most reputed manufacturers of dermatologist sand medical esthetics professional grade devices.

Syneron sells professional ELOS systems over $100K each to medical clinics and beauty centers. The iLuminage Touch is their home compact ELOS solution. Click here to check more about the iLuminage Touch ELOS hair removal device at Amazon.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Each Device?

There is a basic factor worth to know, not every person is the right candidate for IPL or laser hair removal. This is very relevant to IPL hair removal.  As mentioned above the light energy will heat any dark matter it is pulsed on. This is one of the IPL downsides, especially for people with dark skin. The light energy when projected at dark skin, will heat the skin tissue! Causing an instant painful zap which can burn the pigmented skin.

The LumaRX IPL is not approved by FDA to treat over dark and black skin.

Here is the skin tone chart for the LumaRX, as you can see below, the darker skin tones are not approved.

LumaRX skin tone chartThe device has skin color safety sensor, so the LumaRX will not work over tanned, brown, black skin, or they may encounter severe pain and risk of skin burns if they try to bypass the safety sensor. So if you have naturally dark skin tones (African American, Indian, Hispanic, Latin, Middle Eastern) then the LumaRX may not not suitable for you at all. You need to use the iLuminage Touch system.

iluminage fda approved for dark skinThe ELOS technology used by iluminage Touch has an advantage over IPL, when it comes to treating over dark skin. The ELOS is using a lower energy light pulse followed by the RF wave.

Since the RF is ‘color blind’ the ELOS can be pulsed on dark skin. The iLuminage Touch is approved by FDA to be used over any type and color of skin, including deep tanned and black skin.

iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction DeviceIf you have naturally dark skin, or permanently tanned, or after summer sunbathing tanning, then the iLuminage Touch may be the ONLY system approved by FDA to treat your tone of skin.

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LumaRx and iluminage Touch – Hair Types Comparison

The iluminage Touch ELOS has another advantage over IPL when treating hair which has little or no pigment at all like red hair, grey hair, ginger hair, or fair yellow, peach fuzz blond.

blond-hair removal with iluminage vs LumaRX IPLThe IPL can not treat these types of hairs, because they have no dark pigment in them, when the light energy has no target, it may heat the skin which is darker than the hair. The ELOS Touch has the RF (radio frequency) which heats the hair regardless of it’s color, so it is approved for the widest range of hair types.

If you have either dark skin, or want to remove hair which has little or no dark pigment (Scandinavian blond, gray hair, ginger red hair) then the iluminage Touch is the device which will deliver better and safer results for you.

iluminage Touch vs LumaRX IPLThe iluminage Touch has a massive capacity ELOS cartridge with 120,000 flashes!!! More the you will need to maintain the whole treatment and do endless touch ups over the next few years. Best money for value hair reduction device for all those who can not use IPL or laser safely.

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Note that the ELOS emits less energy per pulse, so for some with robust hair growth, it may take more sessions to maintain the desired hair reduction. The ELOS has many more advantages we will mention a few of them further below.


LumaRX Is Better For All The Rest

Compared to the rest of the IPL systems you can find at Amazon, the LumaRX IPL the most advanced and delivers the best features and specs. It has a wide IPL window a fast pace pulsing ability and 65,000 flashes per cartridge.

It comes with two interchanging IPL caps for maximum, flexibility and efficiency. One cap for the body and one for the face.

LumaRX Body and facial IPL capThe LumaRX Face Cap has a smaller IPL window to help you perform more precise and delicate treatments to reduce unwanted facial hair growth. When targeting upper lip or sideburns, you want to zap only a narrow skin area, and the face cap does exactly that.

Brazilian Pubic hair with Tria laser 2017The face cap can be used also to treat pubic hair styling, bikini line trimming, ‘upper thighs’ and private areas where you certainly do not want to miss…

The LumaRX or any IPL, laser or ELOS device are all not approved for hair removal from private parts! But many people still do it anyway. The skin ‘down there‘ is usually darker and much more thin and sensitive. But if you decide to zap it anyway, do it with the IPL Face Cap.

LumaRX Interchangeable IPL Caps

Lumarx Facial face cap and Body Cap ComparedFace cap = slower pulse pace – Another advantage it has, is that the face cap pulse rate is reduced also. When treating the face you want to do it with higher care and more attention.

Body IPL Cap – Larger cm² coverage and higher pulse pace – When treating the legs, arms, abdominal (chest or shoulders for men), there is large area skin to cover in each session. The wide IPL window makes the zapping easier to preform. It has a faster pulse rate too, so the treatment can be done in less time per body area.

No Face Cap in iLuminage – The iluminage Touch does not come in the box with a dedicated facial cap. There is an add on item which blocks half of the ELOS window, but you need to purchase it separately. So the double caps of the LumaRX save you money and more safe and effective. Using the ELOS wide window is not recommended for upper lips where the flash can overlap the lips.

iluminage Touch Facial Hair Reduction

The iluminage Touch has only 3 ELOS levels to pick from, so there is somewhat less options to find the exact level which is both effective and not too much painful.

iluminage Touch Energy Level ELOSThe LumaRX has 5 energy levels, so you can choose which IPL level is most suitable for you. More energy means more heat and better zapping of the hair inside the follicle. Higher level is more effective, but it is also more ‘painful’ over sensitive skin.

Lumarx 5 IPL energy levels low to highMan tattoo IPL laser hair Remington removalIt is recommended to use the highest level of IPL you can bear the pain for. Some people use topical anesthetics and numbing gels when ordering their IPL or laser system, if they know they are sensitive to pain (men.. 🙂 ) or if they have plans to treat sensitive areas..

Use the numbing creams sensibly. Pain can be a healthy factor, to warn you when the zapping is unsafe for you, and limit the chances for side effects like redness or skin burns.

Conclusion about the LumaRX

LumaRX home hair removal device IPLIf your skin is white, pale, untanned and the hair you plan to remove is dark. Then in our point of view, you will see superior results with the LumaRX IPL hair reduction system. It has more energy pulsed in every flash, which comes down to what is needed for effective treatments.

So unless there is any reason like skin color (too dark) or hair color (not dark enough) the LumaRX has more pros than cons, for safe and effective permanent hair reduction requirements both from the body and from the face.

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Say good bye to your unwanted hair….