All About Tria Laser Hair Removal on Asian Skin

Using Tria Laser Hair Removal on Asian Skin

tria for chinese or japanese skinThere are a lot of questions asked in hair removal forums and at Amazon about using the Tria Laser hair removal on Asian skin. Some of the questions where regarding the safety of Tria laser on Asian skin others about the pain and results of Tria laser when treating Asian skin.

If you have Asian type of skin, check below to see all the information you need to decide about before ordering the TRIA laser device from Amazon.

Asian Skin Candidate For Tria Laser

Tria laser hair removal asian chinese skinThe most important thing is the SKIN COLOR – The Tria laser works best and safely on people with pale, white, yellowish skin color. The device can emit laser also on yellowish to mildly tanned skin types. Note the effectiveness of the laser treatment gets lower when treating darker skin colors, and the pain level get higher too.

The second parameter for effective Tria laser hair removal is HAIR COLOR. Dark hair is best for the laser needs. When light meets dark matter it heats, this is the essential of laser hair removal. Those with dark hair will see better results than those with blond hair. The Tria is not suitable to treat grey hair or ginger hair, if there are no dark pigments in the hair, the laser will have nothing to heat.

Tria Laser Pain Asia SkinThose with dark skin, or black skin should not consider the TRIA laser. The device has a sensor at the tip which will lock the system from emitting over dark skin to prevent skin burns, so it will probably not work at all.

For those with very dark skin Elos technology will be a better solution for home hair removal.

See below a Asian woman show how she is treated with professional laser at a salon. These treatments costs thousands of dollars and require lots of time too. The Tria uses the same laser technology, approved by FDA, to be used at home.

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Which Asian Skin Do You Have

Tria laser hair removal for asian skinNot everyone is a good candidate for the Tria laser. Tria and Asian skin hair removal, it depends which type of Asian skin you have?

Chinese, Japanese and Korean mostly have fair white yellowish skin and dark black hair. In fact this Asian combination is the perfect candidate for the Tria laser.

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Which Asian Types are Not for Tria Laser

Tria laser on asian chinese vs indianThere are Asian origin countries which some of the skin types are not a good candidates for the Tria laser.

For example there are Indian, Pakistan, Seri Lanka, Philippines, Thai, Malaysia skin types which are just too dark for the Tria.

Of course there are also many Asians from these countries or origins who have light skin complexion who can be perfect for the home laser. Chinese, Taiwan, Japan or Korean origins usually have naturally lighter skin complexion, so the treatment would be better and less painful for them.

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So it’s not the Asian origin but the skin darkness which indicates the safety for a home laser treatment with Tria.