Capillus 82 Before and After – Photos, Videos & Facts

Capillus 82 Before and After

[Affiliate disclosure, all links to amazon are affiliate links] One of the best performing hair growth laser systems you can find online, is the Capillus 82 laser cap. Many people want to see Capillus 82 before and after pictures, videos and anything which can be of proof for the effectiveness of the laser cap.

We gathered here videos and images of Capillus laser cap before and after. Note that different people have different reasons for hair loss, and the laser treatment has different effects on different people.

We do not know how these people used the laser cap? How many days, how many minutes per day, what kind of hair loss medication or lotions they have been using with it. The Capillus has lots of data about their Capillus 202 and Capillus 272 caps which are the most advanced home caps you can get.

For example that 100% of the people who used Capillus the hair loss had stopped. 61% saw new hair growth. Check below the videos and images to check for yourself.

Here are images of before and after Capillus laser cap treatment results:

capillus before and after pictures 1
Screenshot from intro video
capillus before and after pictures 2
Screenshot from intro video
capillus before and after pictures 3
Screenshot from intro video

We believe these images are after using the Capillus 272 cap, which has a dazzling 272 laser diodes inside it.

The Capillus 82 has 82 lasers spread inside the cap, as you can see in the image below:

Capillus 82 Laser Hair Growth Machine 2017You can see a comparison of the 82 lasers and the 202 laser cap which is also available at Amazon. The 202 has more laser diodes in a dense formation.

Capillus 82 Lasers Vs 202 Lasers CapFDA Cleared

The Capillus 82 is FDA cleared like all the rest of the Capillus cap family, approved for men and women, who are in the right candidate group. The home laser hair growths systems are not meant to be used by everyone. You can read the Capillus 82 FDA clearance letter here.

You will read the following lines in the FDA clearance:

The Capillus82 is indicated to promote hair growth in females
who have androgenic alopecia and Ludwig-Savin
Classifications of I- II; and with Fitzpatrick Classification of Skin Phototypes I to IV,
and in males with androgenic alopecia
who have Norwood Hamilton Classifications IIa-V ;
and both genders having Fitzpatrick Classification of Skin
Phototypes I to IV.
Here is a simple translation to the scientific language:
Androgenic alopecia – Hair thinning, hair loss.
Ludwig-Savin Classifications of I-II – This is a chart which describes types and patterns of hair thinning for women. It is used as a way between doctors to describe the progression of baldness in writing. See the image below:
Savin scale of hair loss in women iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Helmet
There is a scale to describe balding progression for men, it is known as Norwood Hamilton Classifications. The Capillus 82 is approved to treat Norwood Hamilton Classifications IIa-V (2A-5) as you can see below, it is mild to medium hair loss patterns. Norwood-Hamilton classifications scale of hair loss in MEN Capillus laser hair growth helmet
Both genders males and females need to be within the Fitzpatrick Classification of Skin Phototypes I to IV – The FDA cleared the laser caps for people with white to mildly tanned skin types, also known as 1-4 skin color on the Fitzpatrick scale chart (see below). It is a fact that light energy can turn to heat when pulsed on dark matter. There is no direct danger to the darker tones, but it has not been tested, so the FDA can not clear it.

Skin Tone Capillus Candidate Laser Cap Before afterCompared to the other laser caps in the category, the Capillus 82 has many advantages.

If you are suffering from troubling hair loss, and fit within these parameters you can buy a Capillus 82 laser cap at Amazon, and begin the treatment ASAP.

capillus_livestyle-laser cap for hair thinningIt has more laser diodes than other helmets. The Capillus 82 is portable, while most other devices are not, meaning you need to sit near an AC cable for 25 minutes every other day.

Click here to check out what regular people who used the Capillus 82 are saying about it.

In our point of view the biggest advantage is the fact that the cap has a casual look, not something which will grab attention. So it can be used outside, in the car or where ever you want and make the treatment more discrete and private.

The laser hair growth cap has no side effects, so you can use it before or after using other types of hair loss solutions. Though the results are different for each person, it is an upgraded cap solution and if you follow the treatments you have good chances to see more hair, or thicker hair growth afterwards.